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The Sheffield and Cardiff Fire Chests

If your looking for an effective fire protection unit for your documents and data then the A4 Cardiff & A5 Sheffield fire chests from Rottner are the ideal solution.

Fitted with a cylinder lock to secure the content, which is supplied with 2 keys as standard in case of losing one, you have a replacement key.

office fire safe
Testing procedures undertaken to ensure safety of the documents;
The fire lock boxes were testing at the Underwriters Laboratories to ensure that they would adhere to there fire and explosion testing.

The fire resistance that these chests are capable of is around 30 minutes of temperatures of up to 843c, assuring that the internal temperature is kept below 177c, which is the critical destruction point for paper.

The Explosion test carried out will ensure that the device does not combust or explode in any way unless exposed to temperatures above 1093c.

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