Can You Fix A Broken Key?

Can You Fix A Broken Key?

Although not an everyday occurrence, there may come a time in life where you end up with a broken key. Whether it snaps within the lock or gets damaged elsewhere, the panic to find a quick fix soon kicks in. Within this guide, we will be discussing whether you can fix a broken key and what the best options are for a quick solution.

Is it Possible to Fix a Broken Key?

When it comes to fixing a broken key, you’ll rarely find that the pieces can get put back together like a china plate. In fact, more times than not, there are far simpler solutions such as purchasing a replacement key or obtaining a spare.

When your key first breaks, it’s important to establish whether you should either repair it or get a replacement instead. It’s worth knowing that:

● A repaired key won’t ever be as reliable as the original key
● Repairing a key can sometimes be costlier than an alternative option
● In order to be fixed, the key needs to break in a certain way

How to Get a New Key

There are several options to choose from when it comes to getting a new key; depending on how soon you need a replacement. Local locksmiths can be on hand to help you but one of the easiest solutions is to purchase a new key online. Purchasing keys online is both a convenient and affordable experience, allowing you to get a replacement key swiftly.

The following three steps will take you through how to get a new key.

1. Establish the Type of Key

When getting a replacement key, it’s important to make sure that you get the right version cut. This is fairly simple to do; all keys tend to have a number engraved on them that can be typed into our search bar (at the top of the page). If you can’t find the key number, then you can search by the manufacturer instead.

From here, you will be presented with the right type of key, making it easier for the next step to take place.

2. Get a Copy From a Key Cutter

Key cutting requires skill in order to ensure accuracy, particularly if your key is already broken. Getting a replacement key from a trusted and experienced key cutter is the simplest way to solve your broken key problem.

Here at Fast Keys, we have many years of experience in replacing broken keys and can get a new copy over to you in an instant. Simply browse our website to find your replacement key or get in touch with us on 01268 562 562 if you require any further assistance.

3. Change Your Locks

When a key breaks, it is often due to the fact that the key and locking system is old and worn. With this in mind, changing your locks when you break a key might be a wise move.

Although a costlier option, changing your locks will reduce the risk of key breakages in the future. Modern locking systems are made out of far stronger materials that will last longer and withstand frequent use.

As well as avoiding key breakages in the future, changing your locks will also provide your home or building with far greater security. Intruders will struggle to pick the locks when they’re updated with the latest locking technology!


Although it is possible to fix a key (depending on where it has broken), the easiest solution will always be to get a replacement key cut instead. With the above three steps in mind, you’ll have a brand new, stronger, key in no time!

Get in touch with our specialist key cutting experts on 01268 562 562 for more information.

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