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Are you suffering from a faulty or broken car key remote?

There are many different things that can go wrong with your car key remote, maybe the doors will not unlock, parts have come away from the circuit board and are loose inside the casing, the rubber buttons have worn away or the key blade itself is worn or even snapped.

The idea of visiting the main dealer can be a daunting prospect, especially when we consider that the price for a brand-new remote can be anything from £150 +.

Our experienced Locksmiths provide a car key repair service, which enables us to replace the blade, remote casing, micro switches and rubber buttons. This is a much cheaper alternative than getting a brand new key cut and remote programmed and ensures your keys are as good as new. Simply send your key fob to us via recorded mail and be sure to include a FULL return address, your name and a contact number and we will carry out a FREE Fault Diagnosis Service.

Fault Diagnostic Repair Service

Our Fault diagnostic repair service is free. Once we have determined what is at fault with your remote we will contact you to discuss your requirements and a price for carrying out the repair. If we are unable to repair the remote, or you do not wish to proceed with a repair, then the remote will be sent back to you free of charge

Services included in a full repair may include:

· Replacement cases
· Replacement buttons
· Re-solder or replace micro switches
· Replace circuit boards
· Transponders
· Repair broken tracks
· Supply and install new batteries
· Repair battery terminals

We have a very high success rate with all our repairs and if we are unable to repair your remote, or you do not wish to proceed with a repair, then we will return it to you free of charge.

Our highly experienced Locksmiths are more than happy to discuss your requirements in further detail by phone or e-mail.

Fast Key Services Ltd

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James Kerr

Seems a good idea and will give it a try.

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