How To Protect Your Car and Car Keys

Cars are an investment, and just like any other expensive possession, they should be protected at all costs. Just one careless action could result in a damaged or stolen vehicle - and nobody wants that! This blog will take you through all of the top tips for protecting your car and car keys.

How To Protect Your Car And Keys

Although simple, the next four tips could save you from an expensive disaster. Keep these four steps in mind at all times to ensure both your car and car keys remain safe and damage-free.

1. Always Keep A Spare Key Somewhere Safe

The majority of cars come with a spare car key. This is handy for when more than one person owns the car, but it’s also handy to keep safe in the unfortunate event that you lose or break your main key. Store a spare key somewhere safe so that you can gain quick access to your car in an emergency.

If you don’t have a spare car key, you can purchase replacement car keys right here at Fast Keys at an affordable price. We stock all of the leading brands and can get your key sent out to you in as little as a working day.

2. Invest In More Vehicle Security

Although a slightly more expensive method, investing in extra vehicle security will be sure to deter thieves away. The most common form of vehicle security is a wheel lock, which clamps on to your steering wheel to prevent any movement. It is impossible to drive a car properly with a wheel lock on, meaning it can’t be driven by a thief.

It’s also wise to install a tracking system if your car doesn’t have one already. This will help you to track and trace your vehicle if it was to go missing.

3. Never Be Forceful With Your Key

Although durable, keys tend to break due to being used too forcefully. Just one wrong move and you could end up with a snapped key and/or broken lock!

To prevent any damage from happening to your key or car, always unlock and lock gently without any aggressive force. One small action could result in a very expensive fix. The same rules apply with remote keys - be gentle with the buttons and they’ll last a lifetime.

4. Park In Safe And Secure Places

Thieves will be more attracted to your car if it is parked out of the public eye and in a place with no security. This is why it is so important to always keep your car parked in a secure place (preferably a well-lit street or official car park with security cameras). If this is not possible, then it’s all the more important to follow the above three tips closely.

When parking your car at home, always try to keep it in line with security cameras. Modern-day security cameras can be installed onto the exterior of your home, giving you a notification whenever there is any suspicious activity.

Looking to ramp up your security? Browse our huge range of keys, locks and accessories today!

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