Is Your Home Secure? Find Out With One Quick Look

Houses are huge investments which should be protected at all costs. It’s no surprise that many homeowners spend thousands of money on home security - but is it effective? Do expensive home security systems count for anything when other telltale signs might attract intruders instead?

We’ve put together this super simple checklist to help you establish whether your home is secure as can be.

Signs Of Poor Home Security

Take a look at the exterior of your home and put yourself into an intruder’s shoes. Can you spot any of the following?

1. Open Windows

If the house is occupied then open windows aren’t a problem - but are you ensuring that all windows are locked when leaving the house? Open and unlocked windows are an obvious, and easy to identify, entry points for intruders.

2. Overgrown Bushes

Do you have some overgrown bushes or trees surrounding your home? If so, burglars may see this as a sign that no one has been home in a while. If it is obvious that someone is living in the residence, burglars may simply use these overgrown bushes as cover instead.

Don’t give intruders a place to hide! Keep your homes front and back garden well maintained.

3. Unlocked or Broken Fence

Many intruders access homes from the back - the last thing they want is to get spotted by a neighbour. With this in mind, you should be doing all you can to make access into the back of your property as tricky as possible. Keep gates locked at all times and ensure that they are made from durable materials that have no damage.

4. Accessible Shed or Garage

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that garden tools are usually kept inside a shed or garage. If an intruder gets access to these tools, then they’ll have instruments to break into your property. To prevent this from happening, ensure that your shed has a solid locking system in place and that your garage has durable garage door locks. Intruders are far less likely to attempt a break-in when their lives are made difficult.

Signs Of Good Home Security

Now that you have an idea of what poor security looks like, it’s time to take a quick look at what good security looks like. Use the following list, along with the above recommendations, to ensure your home is as secure as possible:

· All windows and doors have been fitted with the right locks

· A security alarm system has been installed

· Valuable items or tools are not in plain sight

· There are no objects which make accessing your property easy (eg: could an intruder climb on your bins or shed to access an unlocked window?)

Keep your home security up to date with Fast Keys - the UK’s leading security specialists. Browse our range of keys and locks today to find exactly what you need.

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