My New House Is Missing Window Keys - What Do I Do?

My New House Is Missing Window Keys - What Do I Do?

There’s no greater achievement than owning your own home. Once all the paperwork has been done, the removal men booked and your furniture packed, there’s nothing stopping you from turning your house into a much-loved home. But what happens when you go to open the windows to let in some fresh air, only to find the windows are locked and no keys are in sight?

Don’t worry, help is at hand, with expert advice from Fast Keys.

Lost Window Keys? Here's What You Need To Do

You can avoid an expensive locksmith bill by taking the following steps to get your window keys recovered.

Speak To The Previous Owners (if possible)

Moving house can be a little chaotic, and that can also apply to the previous owners of your new home. There is a chance that they may have accidentally packed the window keys and taken them with them.

So, the first port of call in your search for a solution should be the estate agent you used, if you don’t have the contact details of the previous owners. There is a chance the previous occupants either have the keys with them or may have left them in a safe place (for example, taped onto the underside of the windowsill).

Search The House High and Low

If you draw a blank with the previous owner, then there is no harm in searching the house for any hidden places the window keys may have been stored. Check all the windows and surrounding space, any fitted units, cupboards or kitchen drawers as well as the utility room and garage in case they have been stored for safekeeping.

Get a Replacement Window Key

If you have no joy in tracking down the originals, then don’t panic – you can easily get replacement window keys.

It is extremely easy to get a replacement window key as many window locks and their keys have been mass-produced. In fact, 95% of all window keys are pre-cut in the factory, which means Fast Keys will almost certainly be able to find you a replacement, quickly and efficiently.

All you need is the brand or manufacturer of your window lock and our expert team can take it from there. There are currently around 90 types of pre-cut keys in the UK and all the major models, including Basta, Avocet, Chubb, Boulton & Paul and Hoppe are in stock at Fast Keys.

Types of Window Keys

It makes financial sense to get a replacement key for your existing window security, as hiring a locksmith can prove to be quite expensive. But before you purchase a new window key, you need to know the type of window key you are looking to replace to ensure you get the perfect match.

There are two main types of keys for windows:

Window Handle Keys

Old or timber windows tend to have a lock within their window handle, and some modern style windows opt to go for this for a ‘retro look’. These handles come complete with a key.

Locking mechanisms on window handle keys include stay locks and swing locks. The type of key you need to replace will depend on the type of locking mechanism in place.

UPVC Window Keys

UPVC windows are incredibly popular in this day and age. They come in a huge variety of shapes and designs. Types of lock and key systems currently used in UPVC windows include cylinder locks, bar locks and tubular locks. At Fast Keys, we stock all the major styles and brands.

The Key to Success

Safety, security and ventilation - being able to open and securely lock all the windows in your new home is essential and so, if you have lost the window keys, getting a replacement is essential.

If you are unable to track down those missing keys and don’t want to spend money replacing all window locks, our
key cutting specialists can help, saving you both time and money. Browse our wide range of window lock replacement keys available online to get started.

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