What You Need To Know Before Getting Your Key Cut

What You Need To Know Before Getting Your Key Cut

There are many reasons as to why you might need a new key; from misplacing your current one to breaking it while in use. Within this article, we will be taking you through exactly what you need to know before getting your key cut. We will unravel any frequently asked questions and give you all the guidance you need.

Everything You Need To Know About Key Cutters

What is Key Cutting?

To put it simply, key cutting is a mode of key duplication. This, in simple terms, means that a new copy of a key is created through using an existing copy of the key. Now, that’s just the basic part; but trust us, it gets even more interesting as we dive deeper into the process. You’ll certainly benefit from this article that details everything you need to know about key cutters.

How Does Key Cutting Work?

Cutting a key takes incredible skill, which is why it is advised that you seek help from professional key cutters to do it for you.

In simple terms, a specialised machine is used to get the exact cut required. A ‘blank’ is placed into a vice in the machine, and afterwards, the original key is also fitted into a parallel vice. The original key is then gently and skillfully moved along a guide, with the blank being moved along a wheel, which cuts it into the shape of the original key.

Once this process is done, the ‘deburring’ then begins with help from a metal brush. Deburring is simply the act of getting rid of burrs made while in the vice. This also takes some skill, as if done incorrectly, the ragged key could cause damage to the lock.

When it comes to key cutting, an incorrect or faulty job could pose a real danger. There have been many cases of fraudulent key cutters who have done a lousy job, resulting in poorly cut keys that either don’t work or damage the locks. With this in mind, it’s always important to head to trusted key cutters, like us here at Fast Keys.

How Much Does Key Cutting Cost?

Getting your keys cut can cost as little as £2.50 at Fast Keys. The price of the key will entirely depend on what type you need cut, but you can rest assured knowing the prices will never be extortionate. Naturally, the more complicated the key, the more expensive it is to cut it. The below information acts as a basic guide:

Basic Keys (Yale) - These are the most common key types, and therefore, do not typically go above £4 to get cut.

Mortice or Chubb Keys - These types of keys are slightly more complicated to cut, yet still incredibly affordable. Therefore, the average one costs about £5 to cut.

Safe/Security Keys - These are the most complicated to cut and also the most unpredictable. To be on the safe side, start preparing anything from £8 when seeking to cut this type of key.

As you can see, key cutting is not an act which will break the bank. For an updated list of prices, browse our range of keys today.

How Can I Identify My Key?

Ordering a new key online isn’t as stressful as it may seem. However, before you order one, you need to figure out exactly what type of key you need.

First off, confirm if your old key or lock has a number on the face; if it does, then you can simply search for that via our search bar and have a new one cut. If the number turns out to be a generic one, you’ll need to glean further information about the lock to identify the right key.

To make things as simple as possible for you, we have put together a guide on how to identify your key.

How Many Copies Should I Get Cut?

The number of copies you get cut is dependent on the number of keyholders required. If we are talking about house keys, it is generally advised that each occupant of the house gets one key. It is also worth having a spare key and giving it to a trusted family member or neighbour in case of emergencies.

If you are getting a key cut for an office, you should probably just cut a couple for yourself and a trusted employee. And finally, if it is for a personal cabinet or secure storage area, then one or two copies should be all you need. Just be sure that you remember where you left the spare one...

Where Can I Find a Key Cutter Near Me?

Trust is an important factor when dealing with key cutters; this is why sometimes, distance isn’t the prevailing deal maker. Nowadays, keys can be ordered online and delivered to your door in as little as one working day, meaning the whole process isn’t a burden at all.

Fast Keys has been in existence for over two decades, and in that time, we have worked hard to be seen as the UK’s leading key cutters. We specialise in cutting a whole range of replacement keys, including replacement car keys and window keys. For further information, get in touch on 01268 562 562.

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