Squire Stronghold Padlocks

The SS50 (50 mm) high security combination padlock is five wheeled, offering 100,000 possible combinations and is recodable. Highly attack and weather-resistant, the SS50 has a unique, easy-to-use mechanism and comes in an electrophoretic finish; the perfect solution for external use such as security gates and delivery vehicles. The SS50 is also available in a solid steel model with a hardened shackle, the SS50 P5.

The SS65S and SS65CS (65mm) are solid steel maximum-security products designed for use in harsh environments. Tested to the highest CEN grades 5 and 6, they have a a six- pin tumbler with 250,000 key differs; ideal for use on external plant, gates or vehicles or security doors.

The SS65 (65mm) and the SS50 (50mm) are also available in Stronghold’s Cyberlock version. The Cyberlock versions are state of the art intelligent access systems that allow businesses to dispense with hard to manage traditional keys and to replace them with electronic keys that open locks as programmed. The system also offers the added bonus of recording all lock transactions electronically.

The SS65E (65mm) is the high specification, maximum-security product padlock body (only) designed to receive any modified 71mm double Europrofile cylinder, which allows Stronghold padlock bodies to be utilized with your existing keys and cylinders. The SS50 EM (50mm) padlock body (only) also offers this facility.

The SS50 S and SS50 CS (50mm) high security padlocks are enhanced versions of the classic SS50 with an improved electrophoretic anti-corrosion finish. The locks are designed to function in the very worst weather and are now available in two shackle sizes (8mm and 10mm).

Stronghold range WS75 is a 80mm hardened steel container lock</a> which comes with 260,000 key differs which are up-rated to 530,000. Anti-bump and anti-pick it is highly attack resistant. Equally sturdy are the locks of the Stronghold Bullit WS50 S range; solid steel shutter locks ideal for use on roller doors, warehouses and high security areas.

Powerlock is Stronghold’s range of heavy- duty security padlock, highly weatherproof, ultra-durable and made from solid steel and with hardened shackles. The HLS50 range of locksets offer formidable resistance against attack and corrosion and are made of solid, hardened steel, and the STH1 and STH2 range of padbars provide maximum security against attack with respective CEN ratings of 6 and 4.

Squires also have a selection of gold and silver rated hardened steel alloy chains (8mm-10mm-14mm) to compliment the Stronghold range and six models of hardened boron alloy steel square linked chains (available in either 10mm or 14mm diameter and in a variety of lengths) supplied with Stronghold locks (50m or 65mm).

In business since 1780, Squire is the only family-owned, independent lock manufacturer in the UK. Their mission is to bring new, unique solutions to the security market place. Squire’s Stronghold range of padlocks is an example of the company’s innovative approach and high specification design. This market leading brand, is highly CEN graded and tested to BS EN 12320 standard.

The Stronghold range, innovative, precision-made and secure.


Top ten tips to keep your property safe

Top Ten tips to keep your property safe.

  1. Make sure all doors and windows are securely locked with a key operated lock.

  2. Front and rear wooden doors should always be fitted with a 5 lever mortice deadlock/sashlock.

  3. If front and rear doors are UPVC they should be fitted with anti-snap cylinders to prevent forced entry.

  4. Letter boxes should be fitted with an anti-phishing device, this is to prevent house and car keys being hooked through the letter box

  5. All windows should be fitted with a key operated window lock.

  6. Always keep sheds and outbuildings locked, never leave garden tools out.

  7. Leave some lights on when you go out, where there are dark outside places install a security light.

  8. Lock important documents away (recommend a house safe).

  9. Always shred documents with your details on to prevent fraud.

  10. Always check who’s at the door and don’t open it, ask for ID, fit a door viewer and door chain.


Mul-T-Lock Products Now Available.

We have a wide range of Keys and locks available to cut specifically for your needs.

The Mul-T-Lock Range is a high security Lock & Key which can be used in most practical applications.

A great example of where to install and New Mul-T-Lock would be on your Home’s front and rear entrances. With The Mul-T-Lock lock and key system, you can customise your suite to either have one key to fit all (Keyed Alike) or separate keys for separate doors.

The Mul-T-Lock TS007 3 star rated Cylinder lock has all the features you will find on your standard cylinder lock plus a few added features to make this one of the safest and secure locks on the market.

All Mul-T-Locks can also be provided for master suite systems for your workplace and offices.

Mul-T-Locks also provide locks and keys for Padlocks, Desk & Office Furniture Locks, Cylinder locks & many more.

With large manufacturer name like Interactive, Classic, Garrison Integrator and MT5 you can rest assured you will be getting the highest quality goods for your office, car or home.

Be sure to contact us either by Telephone: 01268 562 592 or Via Email: sales@fastkeys.co.uk for more information or to get a quote on our Mul-T-Lock products.


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