Cupboard/drawer locks (rim locks)

Square and round rim locks are most commonly used for cupboard and drawers. The lock is generally secured by a deadbolt which slots behind an angled striking plate or a rectangular plate that is fitted to the edge of the furniture, the bolt in some cases can be spring loaded and the key will only be needed to unlock the unit.

Most cupboard locks come with a square or round back plate, but can also be found in various other shapes.
cupboard locks rim locks


Fast Keys Lock Range

Fast Key Services offers a comprehensive range of locks for office furniture. These fall into many categories to suit a vast range of applications. Lock types include pedestal, multi-point, rim locks and cam locks suitable for the following types of unit: Desks, tambours, filing cabinets, lockers and cupboards etc. Cam locks usually have a threaded body with two flat sides and are fitted with a nut. Some are slotted to accommodate a horseshoe clip and others have a snap-in fix for easier fitting. Rim Locks tend to have a square back plate but are also manufactured with round or oval bodies. They have a simple bolt locking mechanism and are normally fitted to drawers or cupboards. A hole normally 16mm or 18mm is drilled into the drawer and the lock is fitted to the inside of the unit with the nozzle fitting into the hole. Most locks are supplied with an escutcheon (sometimes called a rose) which is used to conceal the drilled edge of the hole for a neat professional finish. A striking plate should also be supplied to secure the bolt in place when the lock is in the locked position. FKS supply a flat striking plated which have a rectangular hole to accommodate the bolt. Angled striking plates are also available.


Bespoke Pick and Extractor Kit

A new addition to our product range is a bespoke pick and extractor kit especially for use on cam locks, pedestal desk and filing cabinet locks. This kit incorporates picks, tension tools and key extractors that will enable the user to tackle the majority of office furniture lock problems.

The pick we have introduced will allow any individual the options of opening those locks for which keys have been lost/broken therefore minimising the expense and inconvenience of a locksmith.

The picks are manufactured using high grade sprung steel and produced to a highly professional standard and will prove excellent value for money with office and facilities managers, in retrospect to other lock pick sets on the market.

For those who are not familiar with lock picks or key extractor kits, Fast Key Services will be posting our own online videos which will demonstrate how these types of picks and extractors are used. However if you have any questions or need extra assistant regarding this product please contact us.


Ojmar Coin Return Locks

Ojmar Coin Return Locks are available with many different options and specifications. The locks are high quality and have features such as the Anti-reservation function. Also referred to as the penalty function, the master key can be used to open the locker in emergencies. It also works as a device for preventing Locker Reservation by allowing for opening and closing without the use of a coin. This means that the user will lose their coin if they do not leave the locker free when required.

Right or Left handed where right handed is for doors that have the hinges on the right hand side of the door.
Different Coinage available – 20p, 50p, £1 or adjustable to future proof against coin size change.

Coin retaining or Coin returning

Wet or Dry area – All the materials used in the wet version are highly rustproof and ideal for wet area applications.
Removable Cylinders – All the locks have removable cylinders and the wet area locks are also interchangeable between the differing key versions below. This acts as an additional security measure in the event of the loss or theft of a key.

Key Versions – Dry Area-Keys are double sided/ double entry (teeth on both sides of the key) and numbered between V0001 –V4258 (older locks have keys ranged from Y0001-Y2254)

Key Versions - Wet Area – Single Sided keys (teeth/cuts down one side). Locks have six stainless steel pins for greater resistance and security. Keys are available in four different profiles – J, K, L & M.

Wet Area locks can also be supplied with High Security Keys and the cylinders are interchangeable with the single sided version.

Master and Cylinder Removal Keys are available under many different suites. On most cylinders, the Master Key reference is quoted on the side of the barrel just below the lock/key number.

Fast Key Service stock the classic wet area version that is right handed with two security keys suited under Master Key Reference: 4020419. Ojmar Coin Return Lock.

Fast Keys cut and dispatch replacement Ojmar keys same day by first class post. When ordered via their website, prices per key range from £1.70 to £2.30 depending on quantity ordered. Security keys are £5 each and are specially ordered from the Ojmar factory in Spain. FKS arranges for at least one express shipment per week to ensure fast delivery of orders.


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