CL13-AM1-554R-04-G320-K080-91-CC-CL TRIUMPH Locking Handles

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Locking handles are becoming increasingly popular in homes throughout the UK as they are simple to fit, durable and require little to no maintenance to maintain long term functionality. Numerous varieties of locking handles are available in a range of styles and finishes. A locking handle is the first thing a visitor to your home will see, meaning it's important to choose a design that fits in well with the existing design.

Cylinder lock handles:

Cylinder lock handles are commonly used in conservatories and sun rooms. They are slight and dignified locks so will not detract from the design of your home. Both right and left handed versions are available, and this thoughtful touch ensures that everyone is catered for.

In order to construct a cylinder lock handle, the handle must be inserted into the lock rosette with adaptor. If you have any problems with the assembly then enlisting the services of a local locksmith will resolve any issues.

Our website includes a full specification drawing so you are able to see whether the product is fit for your purposes before you buy, saving you time and expense.

Fixed lock handles

Fixed lock handles come in a variety of stylish shades including burnished metal and chrome. They are much smaller than other kinds of handle and can be used on lockers and desk drawers, providing valuable security and adding to the aesthetics of your room.

Fixed handles can be mounted easily onto doors by using screws are easy enough for even those most amateur of DIY enthusiasts.

Our website includes a full specification drawing so you are able to see whether the product is fit for your purposes before you buy.

Rosettes and adaptor sets:

Handle rosettes are the part of the lock which is fixed to the door, the handle is then attached in order to create a fully functional and secure locking mechanism. Handle rosettes are available in a variety of colours and sizes, making it easy for you to choose the right design to compliment your furnishings. They offer excellent value for money, making it easy for you to purchase enough to refit all the handles throughout your home. Co-ordinating your locks in this way will ensure cohesion throughout your home and maintain the flow of the design.

Rotary lock handles:

Rotary lock handles are ideal for securing your caravan or motor home. They are available in chrome, zinc and brass, ensuring you will be able to find a perfect match to suit your caravan. All caravan door handles are easy and quick to install. They ensure a watertight fit and will keep out the elements.

Caravan locks are durable and built to last, they may even outlive your caravan itself. They require no maintenance to retain functionality, and offer users peace of mind when static caravans are left on site for long periods over the winter months.

For anyone who is unsure whether locking handles are the right option, our are available to speak to, they can offer you valuable advice and answer any questions you may have.

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