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Bolstering the security of a home or office with additional locks is both affordable and easy. Probably the best way of going about this for any property owner would be with the use of rim locks, which are about as simple and effective as it gets. Rim locks are the kinds of locks that are mounted to the surface of the door or opening, rather than internally as with standard locks. It can take quite literally a few screws and half an hour or so to double, perhaps even triple the security of any given door with the application of brass cupboard locks – all for next to nothing by way of costs.

There are several different types of brass rim lock available today, most of which offer excellent compatibility and can be fitted in no time with ease.

Rim night latches are some of the most popular types, featuring a standard latch that can be opened manually or with a key from the inside and an additional snib. This snib can be moved up or down accordingly, to either lock or free the movement of the main latch, which in turn allows the rim lock to be locked either open or closed, depending on the preferences of the owner and the time of day. These are the most common found on a property’s main external doors.

Auto deadlocking cylinder night latches are the kinds that automatically lock the door when it is closed, requiring a key to once again remove the deadlock and open the door. These locks are excellent for doors that are frequently opened and therefore may be of greater risk of being left unsecured.

Rollerbolt rim locks offer the easiest closing of doors by use of roller mechanisms rather than the standard latch found on most rim locks.

Brass rim sash locks are some of the easiest to install as they are fitted to the actual panel of the door, rather than its interior as with a mortice lock. Some rim sash locks use keys to operate, though the majority work with handles/knobs and additional locking snibs.

Multi-point rim locks are reported as the best when it comes to maximum security, offering multiple locking points to increase overall resistance several times over. Most rim locks can also be complimented with cylinder pulls which allow easy opening and closing of the door from both sides, giving the owner a small latch to pull on.

Some rim locks form one-way defensive barriers of excellent safety, though the category also includes two-way designs like Yale locks – those that can be locked manually from the inside and also by using a key from the outside. Though a little trickier to fit, Yale locks are among the most secure and convenient on the market.

Brass rim locks on the market today range from basic drawer locks to the most heavy-duty bank-vault level locks imaginable, with prices ranging from pennies to hundreds of pounds. As such, it is pretty much a given that the right lock is out there for every possible job and represents perhaps the simplest and most affordable way of massively increasing security.

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