Rottner S-100 key cabinet
Rottner S-100 key cabinet
S-100 key cabinet

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KC20 - 20 hook key cabinet

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KC48 - 48 hook key cabinet

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KC93 - 93 hook key cabinet.

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KC160 - 160 hook key cabinet

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Phoenix KC0300 Commercial Key Cabinet Key Locking
Phoenix KC0300 Commercial Key Cabinet Key Locking. Designed to accomodate larger or more bulky keys. Ideal for motor trade or estate agents. Capacty from 50 to 200 Hooks.

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More on Key Cabinets

Increase office security with a key cabinet.

Key cabinets allow you to store a number of keys in one place and can be organised with different colour tags and numbers. Make sure that your business keys are locked away securely in a key cabinet. We have a large range of different sizes and shapes so you can choose the key cabinet that is right for you.

Key Cabinets on a Budget

Sterling Value Key Cabinets

The Sterling Value Key Cabinet Series offers security for your office keys at affordable prices. With seven different sizes available, which have the capacity to store anywhere from 15 to 140 keys, these key cabinets are an affordable solution for key security management in the office and at home.

The Value 15 key cabinet can store up to fifteen keys and measures 200 x 160 x 60mm (HxWxD). Secured with a cylinder lock and featuring coloured tags and key rings the Value 15 has a ten year warranty and is finished in a scratch resistant grey paint.

The Value 24 measures 250 x 180 x 60mm (HxWxD), is accessed by a cylinder lock, comes complete with fixing bolts and can hold up to 24 different keys. Other key cabinet sizes available in the range that lock with a cylinder lock can hold the following amount of keys 36 (Value 36), 48 (Value 48), 80 (Value 80), 110 (Value 110) and 140 (Value 140).

The Sterling Value Key Cabinet range also has two key cabinets which are secured with a user resettable 3-dial combination lock. The Combi 20 has twenty hooks for storing keys and measures 200 x 160 x 60mm (HxWxD) and the Combi 36 measures 300 x 240 x 80mm (HxWxD) and has 36 hooks for holding keys.

Both key cabinet models are finished in contemporary black paint and include key rings with coloured tags and an indexing system for organising your keys. These two models also come with a ten year warranty and are suitable for fixing to the wall.

Phoenix Key Boxes

The KC0011k measures 250 x 180 x 80mm (HxWxD) and can store up to 48 different keys. Included with a one year warranty the KC0011k can be fitted to the wall for ease of use and is secured with a cylinder lock.

If you need to store more keys then the KC0012k's capacity to hold up to 96 keys will serve you well. Measuring 300 x 240 x 80mm (HxWxD) and suitable for wall mounting, the Phoenix KC)) 12k has many hooks for you to separate and organise your business keys, whilst keeping them safe together in the same place.

High Security Key Cabinets

If you need a key cabinet with maximum security then our range of high security key cabinets will keep your keys safe from unauthorised access.

Burton Heavy Duty Key Cabinets

We have four different models available in our Burton High Security Key Cabinets range, the CK40 and CK120 that lock with a high security key lock and the CE40 and CE120 that use a maximum security electronic combination locking system.

The CK40 and CE40 both measure 470 x 370 x 140mm (HxWxD), weigh 23kg and have a 21 litre storage capacity. With the ability to both hold up to fourty keys their 8mm Steel door and 3mm solid steel body and anti-drill plates provide maximum security from criminal activity. The high security double bitted key lock on the CK40 comes with two keys and the CE40's electronic lock comes supplied with a back up key in case you get locked out.

CK120 and CE120 are the two larger key cabinets in the series, which measures 360mm x 470mm x 140mm and weigh 26kg. Both models have the capacity to hold up to 120 keys are suitable for fitting to the wall and have 22mm saw resistant bolt-work, as well as a solid steel door and body to prevent unauthorised access.

Again, like the CK40 and CE40, the CK120 has a double bitted key lock for security and the CE120 has a high security electronic powered lock.  Due to the high security of these key cabinets and the 21 litre capacity, CK 40, CK 120, CE 40 and CK 120 are popular with car showrooms and garages.

Securikey Gold High Security Key Cabinets

For ultimate key protection the Gold High Security range from Securikey can store from 60 to 300 keys and uses technology based upon cash safes and therefore is the most secure range of key cabinets on the market due it their 20mm 3-way bolt locking system, 3mm steel body and 6mm steel slab door.

The System 60/HS Key Cabinet is secured with a double bitted VDS key lock, measures 36 x 460 x 120mm (HxWxD) and can hold up to 60 keys. Including key rings and coloured tags to organise your keys, this key cabinet comes with a twelve months parts and labour warranty.

To store up to 100 keys the 100/HS measures 636 x 460 x 120mm (HxWxD), weighs 32kg and has a 32.5 litre capacity. Perfect for fitting to the wall this key cabinet provides you with maximum security.

Measuring 636 x 460 x 200mm (HxWxD) and having the capacity to hold up to 150 keys, the 150/HS weighs 42kg and has a 53 litre volume capacity inside the key cabinet. Equipped with a high security double bitted VDS lock, the 150/HS includes key rings and coloured tags.

Next up in size the 200/HS can hold up to 200 keys, has a volume litre capacity of 53 litres, weighs 53kg and measures 636 x 460 x 200mm (HxWxD). Suitable for fixing to the wall, like the rest of the high security cabinets in the series a double bitted VDS key lock will keep keys safe.

The final size in the Securikey series is the System 300/HS Key Cabinet, which has the capacity to hold up to 300 keys, weighs 54kg and measures 636 x 460 x 300mm with an 82 litre storage facility.

All key cabinets in the Securikey series come with 12 months parts and labour warranty and can be upgraded to an optional combination lock. Due to the maximum security offered from this key cabinet range they are a popular choice of car garages, police stations and financial institutions.

With a large range of key cabinets and security options available, we will stock the perfect solution for safely storing your keys in the office and at home.

Key Boxes and Key Safes

Keeping keys safe, secure and organised is as important as fitting locks to doors and cabinets in the first place – especially in high-traffic environments. In organisations where a large number of keys need to be managed, for multiple areas holding important information and/or valuable assets, it is critical for the facilities manager to keep tight control over access. Sourcing and selecting key boxes that are robust enough to provide the required security level and large enough to hold all your keys requires a reliable supplier with the appropriate range. We stock key cabinets for home and office use, made by the leading manufacturers such as Rottner Comsafe, Alpha Secure, Codelocks and Safewell. The standard cabinets can hold anything from 10 key sets up to 300 key sets and are heavy duty with doors and hulls made of sheet metal. Most are wall-mountable, with the fixings included. They are accessed via cylinder locks and many have adjustable key rails with swivelling indexes and key tags. The higher end electronic cabinets have soft-touch buttons and a lock with millions of code possibilities, which are programmable for master and user codes. They are made of 2-4mm steel, with two heavy duty locking bolts inside for extra security. Lockable key deposit slots on the side are included. The premium range of key safes has a higher insurance rating (up to £4000 and £40,000 in contents and keys) and is heavier duty, with double thick walls and door, and multiple sliding bolts. It is ideal for facilities managers in a medium to large company who need to maintain close control over user privileges for a large quantity of keys; there is a key register to organise keys by colour. Browse through our range of key boxes for affordable and secure solutions for most purposes and take advantage of our online ordering service, for the quickest turnaround time in the UK.

At Fast Key Services we have a large range of key cabinets and key boxes suitable for both home & business use. Below are selections of the ranges we currently stock.

Single key cabinets:

We currently stock the NSK-1, which is suitable for use on exits in case of an emergency, this is fully wall mountable, brightly coloured (red) and has 1 hook for hanging an emergency key. The front of the cabinet has a glass panel, which can be entered with the metal hammer supplied.

Also suitable for a single key or for a small quantity of domestic keys is the Rottner Key Keeper. This device is for wall mounting and accessible via a four to six digit code.

These are most commonly used on residential properties and care homes where access needs to be controlled or regulated, i.e. easy access for social workers, nurses etc. to vulnerable people or the elderly.

Multiple key cabinets:

We stock a wide range of both manual operated and electronic operated key safes suitable for storing from 10 keys, through to devices capable of storing many 100's of keys. All key cabinets are made from fully galvanised steel and the majority of the larger cabinets have hidden hinges preventing forced entry.

These products are great for regulating access control in a business environment or in the home. They are available in a variety of different locking mechanism's depending on the level of security required. The locks range from basic cylinder locks where extra keys can be supplied on request, to electronic, touch screen and combination locks.

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