5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Valuables Safe at Home

No one should feel unsafe in their own home, but if you don’t take precautions to protect your belongings, burglars and intruders may target you.

Luckily, there are measures you can take to protect your belongings from theft, and many of them are both easy and inexpensive to install. Here are 5 simple ways to keep your valuables safe at home.

1. Check Your Door Locks and Furniture Locks

One of the easiest, but often overlooked, ways of keeping your valuables safe at home is by ensuring that your locking systems are as secure as they can be.

You will often find that insurance companies will only insure your home if you have a specific type of locking system in place. In the UK, one of the most favourite locks amongst insurance companies is the British Standard lock. These locks are considered to be ‘thief-resistant’ locks, and they are installed onto front and back doors. Here at Fast Keys, we have British Standard locks ready to purchase both online and instore.

It’s not just the front and back doors that you need to consider installing with locks. If you keep valuable documents in your home, then it’s important to keep them safe via a locking system, too. Furniture such as filing cabinets, pedestals, desks and cabinets can all be fitted with Furniture Locks to ensure that confidential or expensive information remains safe.

2. Install Burglar Alarms

Using an alarm as an audible deterrent against burglary is a useful way of making your home as safe as possible.

As it stands, only 34% of homeowners have working burglar alarms. It doesn’t take long for a burglar to establish whether a home has a working alarm, so giving off the illusion that yours is switched on simply won’t be effective.

Installing an alarm box outside your home is both a visual and audible deterrent to burglars. Insurance companies can also advise you on the right system to have in place for your home – there are many to choose from, including those which alert monitoring centres or even those which alert you via your smartphone.

3. Put Valuables Out of Sight

Burglars are more likely to break into your home if they have seen your valuables sitting in plain sight. So, one of the easiest ways to protect what’s most important to you is by ensuring that you keep valuables out of clear view. From sentimental jewellery to expensive gadgets, make sure that the things you value most are put away when you know you won’t be at home.

One of the easiest ways to hide your valuables is by locking them in a home safe. Home safes are secured by either digital keypads or traditional key and locks; burglars will have a tough time accessing your valuables when such strong locking systems protect them!

To enhance your safe’s effectiveness, it’s worth getting it professionally installed so that thieves don’t consider stealing the whole system. Wall safes are a popular favourite, as picture frames or mirrors can hide them.

4. Don’t Overlook the Garage

Your home includes more than just what is inside those four walls – the belongings in garages and sheds are just as enticing for thieves. Garages are often a common entry point for burglars as, if they can’t initially get into your home, they may find tools in the garage which will aid the process.

Make it a habit to lock all the doors to these places and have strong locks fitted so that you can trust that your items will be secure. To add an extra layer of security, consider using padlocks to deter burglars even more so.

5. Make Use of Lights

If you know you’ll be out of your home for most of the day, or even away for several days on a trip, it’s a good idea to put your lights on a timer. Putting your lights on a timer gives off the impression that there is someone home. This will immediately put burglars off breaking into your property, as it’s not worth the risk if people are home.

It’s also a useful tip to install sensory lights outside your property. These lights will shine brightly if a burglar was to approach.

Be Worry-Free By Knowing That Your Home Is Safe

As the UK’s leading key specialists, we know just how important it is to keep your home security as strong as possible. With these 5 tips in mind, your valuables have a far higher chance of being kept safe at home.

Get in touch with us today if you would like more information on keeping your home safe. We offer a wide range of key and lock services, including swift key cutting.


What Type of Door Locks Are Right for My Home?

A secure locking system is one of the most important parts of any property; for both security and insurance purposes. However, with many types of locks available, it can be hard to establish what one is right for your home.

The appropriate lock for your home is dependent on a few factors, including:

· Whether the door is internal or external
· The material the lock is being fitted to
· Whether the lock is being used alone or in conjunction with another

Within this guide, we’ll take you through the most common door locks you can buy, along with the uses of each one.

The Most Popular Types of Door Lock

Home safety is important, and it all starts with your locking system.

Just one look at our selection of door locks may be enough to overwhelm you; there are so many different types of locks available, all with their own benefits. To avoid wasting time and money on locks which may not be effective in your home, read on to discover which ones will cater to your needs the most.

Mortice Deadlocks

Mortice deadlocks are most commonly fitted to wooden doors and can be locked from both the inside and outside with a key. They are found to be most effective on external front and back doors, rather than internal doors.

Mortice deadlocks come with several lever options, but five-lever
mortice deadlocks are the most common as they are far more secure. However, remember that in order for your lock to be truly secure, it should conform to the British Standard Institutes lock standard of BS3621.

Euro Cylinder Locks

Euro Cylinder locks are commonly used externally on composite or uPVC doors. You will typically find a Euro Cylinder lock in modern homes or schools, as its an easy lock to operate and can be keyed alike for multiple key owners.

When fitted correctly, Euro Cylinder locks are extremely effective at preventing lock snapping or picking. The mechanics of Euro Cylinder locks are so advanced that even the most skilled of intruders wouldn’t bother wasting their time trying to pick it.

Multi-Point Locking Systems

Multi-point locking systems are commonly found on uPVC and composite doors, but they are also useful on French, timber and aluminium doors too.

Multi-point locks provide multiple locking points, making them more secure and harder for people to break into. As only one cylinder is needed to actually lock the mechanism, they can also be keyed alike with other cylinder locks, so fewer keys are needed for your home.


Nightlatches, also referred to as deadlatches, are fitted to the inside of the door alongside a key locking cylinder.

The great thing about a Nightlatch is that it self-deadlocks when you close the door behind you, meaning it won’t be the end of the world if you forget to lock the door with a key. For extra protection, Nightlatches are usually accompanied by Mortice Locks or Rim Cylinders; especially when on timber or wooden doors.

Rim Cylinders

Rim Cylinder locks are part of the rim Nightlatch system – they are usually found on wooden or timber doors and are used as extra protection when leaving your home. All that you need to do is let the Nightlatch self-deadlock and then lock the rim cylinder with a key.

The design of rim cylinders hasn’t changed much over the years, but that just proves how reliable they have been since the very beginning. They come in a variety of sizes and lengths to suit your door and are incredibly easy to repair.

We highly recommend accompanying your rim cylinder with a nightlatch lock; otherwise, it may be easy for burglars to pick.

Find The Right Lock For Your Home

With so many types of locks available, it’s no surprise that finding the right one for your home can be quite overwhelming. With these most popular locks in mind, you should have a better understanding as to what will keep you safe.

If you would like more information on locking systems, do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01268 562 562. We are the UK’s key and locks specialist and stock a huge range of door locks.


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