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NHSM Week 4 - The Great Outdoors

Week 4 (w/c 19th October) – The Great Outdoors

During the darker evenings it's vital to ensure your shed, garage and outbuildings are not easy targets for burglars. Although many people take steps to protect their homes and the property inside them, they often leave valuable equipment in gardens and unsecured sheds. Here are some top tips on how to secure your great outdoors;

Don't leave ladders or tools lying around in your garden – burglars could use them to break into your home, so store them securely in a shed or outbuilding.

For added protection, use anchor locks, padlocks and cables to protect expensive items that you have stored in your outbuildings and sheds. Using metal rings and chains fixed to the shed frame, with security screws you are able to secure your electrical items, ladders and tools in a safe and secure environment.

If you've got a bike, secure it in a shed or garage with a good cycle lock. Statistics show that less that 5% of bikes stolen in the UK alone are ever returned. So if you don't want your precious two wheeler being stolen. Make sure its tucked away safely at night.

Protecting those valuable items stored in your outbuildings and shed by using a battery-powered stand alone alarm.

CCTV systems allow you to keep a careful eye on your home and its boundaries while you are away. Record footage can also be stored on a PC or supplied to the police in the event of a break in.

With outhouses and sheds being full to the brim with expensive tools, cycles and equipment, most burglars know that behind the door there could be an Aladdin's Cave of expensive equipment. Most items that can be stolen can easily be resold online or at car boot sales, so make sure you make life harder for those thief's out there and remember to always protect your valuables where ever on your property they may be.

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NHSM Week 3 - Keep It Protected

Week 3 (w/c 12th October) - Keep It Protected.

What means most to you? Perhaps your laptop holds precious pictures of your family, or you have items of jewellery that have been passed down through generations. Making sure you keep them protected, as well as the items of high monetary value in your home in absolutely vital. Here are some top tips on how to secure your valuables:

Computers, cash, electrical goods and jewellery are among the most commonly stolen items in domestic burglaries. Don't leave valuable items in view and keep them out of reach of an open window or cat flap if you have one.

For additional peace of mind, store valuable items and confidential documents or paperwork in a home safe that is securely bolted to the floor or wall.

Don't become a victim of identity theft. Store important documents in a home safe and remember to use a shredder if disposing of any confidential paperwork.

Install a home alarm, so that if the worst happens and there is a break in, you can be alerted quickly and your neighbours can contact the police if necessary. They also act as a good visual deterrent.

If you've got a home alarm system remember to check it regularly and keep it maintained to ensure it still works properly.

If you have spent a lot of time and money on your valuables, you want to make sure that no-one else can get their hands on it. By taking these few security steps, you can keep your belongings extra safe.

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NHSM Week 2 - Lock It Up

Week 2 (w/c 5th October) – Lock It Up!

We are into the second week of National Home Security Month, and this week we will be focusing on door and window security and making sure householders are aware of the best way to secure the entry points to their home. Because the entry points to any home are the most important, it is vital your door and window security is up too scratch. Below are some of the best security tips you will need to keep your home safe;

External timber doors should be secured using a mortice lock and/or night latch that meets British Standard BS3621. The Mortice is primarily cut into the door or furniture into which the lock is fitted giving that increased security.

If you have a PVCu or composite door it is a good idea to upgrade to the euro profile cylinder and the multipoint lock to a British standard TS007 3 star Kitemark Cylinder. The TS007 are designed to resist physical attack and manipulation, they are commonly referred to as high security cylinders because of how safe they are.

Most window locks are hidden from exterior view but one of the best strategies in deterring thieves from your home is to make them as visible as you can. The visibility of window locks can make a passer by think twice about breaking the window or trying to pry it open. Visible window locks are always a huge plus where home and building security is concerned.

Sometimes the best answer is also the most obvious one. When it comes to keeping burglars out of your home, the basics make the biggest difference: Lock your doors and windows. It may sound like a no-brainer, but 27.8 percent of the total burglaries committed in the United Kingdom last year were no-force entries. This means that thieves simply opened an unlocked door or window and went right in.

If you have recently moved house, it's advisable to change the locks, as you never know who may have a copy of your new keys. When you do move house you can be sure that many people have had a copy of your keys for any number of legitimate reasons. Changing the locks on your new property will protect you in the event that existing keys to your home end up in the wrong hands. No matter if you rent or own you need to be sure you and your family are the only ones with keys to your home.

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DPD Carrier

DPD Next Day Parcel Service

In an effort to improve our next day parcel delivery service - we have changed our parcel carrier to DPD. As a result, we expect to see an improvement in customer service levels as well as 99.5% of UK Mainland deliveries reaching their destination the next working day.


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