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Keys are at the heart of everything we do. We’ve been key cutting for over 25 years and have since then expanded our range to cover any key need you may have. At Fast Key Services Ltd you can buy key boxes, key safesand key cabinets, all as to which will provide you with the utmost security.

What Is a Key Cabinet?

Key cabinets are secure boxes which help to keep your keys organised and safe, whether it be for business or home use. Only the people with access to the key cabinet will be granted access to the keys inside.

Car showrooms, hotels, estate agents and offices are all popular businesses which often use key cabinets. It’s far more worthwhile to have all keys stored in one safe place rather than scattered over several.

What Is a Key Safe?

Another form of a key cabinet is a key safe; commonly used for domestic purposes. Key safes are typically used when there are only one or two important keys to take care of.

Key safes can be installed onto the outside of a property, allowing people with the right code or pass to open it. This is particularly helpful for carers who need access to their patients’ home and at holiday homes for a quick self-check-in.

How Secure Are Key Cabinets and Key Safes?

If installed correctly and in a discreet location, key cabinets and key safes are just as secure as any other type of safe. They are designed to withstand great deals of pressure and external safes will not corrode when in bad weather.

Just as long as you keep the combination code or access key to yourself/trusted individuals, the keys in your cabinets will remain safe and out of harm’s way.

Key Cabinets and Key Safes Available at Fast Keys

From keys to locks, hardware to cabinets; Fast Keys have a huge range of key-related products available to keep your security top-notch. Our key cabinet range spans across a variety of options suitable for lots of different situations. Read on to find out more.

Emergency Key Cabinets

Emergency key cabinets feature a glass-fronted panel that means keys are easily accessible in the event of an emergency.

Our emergency key cabinets can be used in areas like communal buildings, offices and venues; just to name a few. From breaking the glass to release a key to using a mini hammer, the secured key is easy to access when you need to act quickly.

Electronic Key Cabinets

Electronic key cabinets are accessed via a code system rather than with a key. This is favoured amongst those in large or busy environments that might make looking after the access key difficult. Our electronic key safeshave easy to use keypads and cater to a variety of different capacities.

If you’re keen on electronic key cabinets, then you may also benefit from our RFID key cabinets which work through a sensor system instead.

Key Locking Cabinets

Traditional key locking cabinets are still widely used in many commercial buildings. A key is required to access the key cabinet. We have plenty of key locking cabinets in stock at affordable prices.

Key Safes (Keyguards)

Our key safe boxesare ideal for domestic use when you only have a few keys to keep safe. Our selection of key safes are particularly popular with care homes that need easy access into their patients home.

There are many reasons as to why you might need an external key safe, and with so many sizes available at affordable prices, you’ll never have to break the bank.

Take Trust in Fast Keys, The UK’s Key Specialists

As the UK’s leading key specialists, we take pride in ensuring that every product on offer aids to keep your valuables safe and secure. Our key cabinets are no exception, meaning you can keep important keys organised and out of reach without running the risk of them going missing.

All key cabinets come in different sizes, meaning you can store hundreds of keys without having overcrowding issues.

Looking For a Cabinet Key Replacement? We Can Help...

It’s all fine and well having a key cabinet, but what happens when you lose the access key?

In the unfortunate case that you lose your access key, Fast Keys can help you out. We offer a replacement cabinet key service, allowing you to get a new key delivered to your door in as little as one working day. Simply find the key you need through our search bar or browse our key range to find the right one for you.

For more information regarding our key cabinet services, get in touch with our team on 01268 562592.

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