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Find the right rim lock for your door with help from Fast Keys. We are the UK’s leading supplier of locks and keys, with over 50 types of rim locks in stock. From square rim locks to round rim locks; your doors, cupboards and drawers can be as good as new in as little as one working day.

What is a Door Rim Lock?

Rim locks are locks that are mounted on the surface of a door, cupboard or a drawer. They have been used for many centuries and work with a latch system to keep the door locked.

Rim locks are actually the oldest type of lock around, but they still remain effective today for internal use. Doors were a lot thinner many centuries ago, which is why rim locks are installed onto the surface of the door rather than in a mortice like you would see on front doors now.

How Does a Door Rim Lock Work?

The majority of rim locks feature a cylinder lock mechanism. This means that you just need to insert and turn a key for the rim cylinder lock to lock/unlock. When you turn the key, the cylinder also turns and connects to the cam. From here, the plug is moved and slides a bolt. This movement is what causes the rim cylinder to engage/disengage.

This simple but secure mechanism is what makes rim locks just as popular today as they were many years ago.

What is the Difference Between a Rim Lock and a Mortice Lock?

Rim locks and mortice locks are two of the most popular types of door lock, which is why some people get confused between the two. The main difference between a rim lock and a mortice lock is the way they’re both installed. Rim locks sit on the surface of a door, whereas mortice locks are installed within the body of the door.

While both are effective locking systems, mortice locks are recommended for front door purposes. Internal doors, however, will still benefit from a rim cylinder lock.

How To Fit a Rim Lock on a Door

If you are replacing an existing rim lock, one of the most important dimensions to measure is what is referred to as the ‘backset’. The backset is basically measured from the centre of the keyhole to the edge of the door.

Other things to look out for when fitting a rim on a door is the dimension of the nozzle as you will want to make sure it has the right length and diameter. The length of the bolt is important as it has to connect with the striking plate in order to lock the furniture.

Buy Rim Locks Online at Fast Keys

When shopping for keys and locks, look no further than Fast Keys. We have an extensive range of rim locks both instore and online, meaning you’ll have no troubles finding what you’re after. Simply browse our rim look glossary or use the search bar to find what you need.

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