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Fast Key Services are the UK’s leading supplier of keys and furniture locks. We also stock a large selection of combination locks, including combination padlocks, combination cam locks and mechanical door locks; to name a few.

Why Is It Called a Combination Lock?

It truly is all in the name - it’s called a combination lock because it requires a special combination to access.

Combination locks are one of the most secure types of locks around; providing that you keep the combination a secret.

To open a combination lock, you need to enter a series of numbers (sometimes symbols), which are usually displayed on a turn-dial or wheel. Once you re-lock the combination lock, it’s important to mix the combination up so that it can’t be accessed by someone else.

For further security, combination key locks are used. This simply means that you need to use a key as well as the right combination to unlock the system.

What Are The Parts of a Combination Lock Called?

There are many parts of a combination lock which all work together to provide a safe and secure system. The parts of a combination lock are:

  • Shackle: The shackle is the durable piece of steel which hooks round the item you’re keeping safe. At Fast Keys, shackles come in different sizes depending on preference; from long shackle padlocks to close shackle.
  • Dogs: The dogs are the locking system which interacts with the shackle. It can be located in the hole which the shackle enters.
  • Lock Case: This is the protective case you see, which surrounds the internal mechanism.
  • Turn Dial: The turn dial will display a series of symbols or numbers. You use this to click the right combination into place.
  • Tumblers: The tumblers are located inside the combination lock; they sit on a cam locks. The tumbler is responsible for reacting to the turn dial, ensuring that the lock only opens when the right combination is entered.

How Do You Use a Combination Lock?

Combination looks will only unlock when the right combination is put into the turn dial. But how do you know when to use a combination lock? From domestic to commercial use, there are many reasons as to why you should use a combination lock:

  • Combination Padlocks: Combination locks are used for securing gates or bicycles etc. with help from a chain.
  • Combination Cam Locks: Combination cam locks are usually used on school lockers.
  • Digital Combination Locks: Also known as DCL’s, digital combination locks are used for lockers and door entry systems.

Combination locks are also commonly used for key keepers or key safes; commonly used by care workers.

Shop Combination Key Locks and Much More at Fast Keys

Fast Keys have over 25 years’ experience in providing key cutting and lock services. We stock a huge range of brands and can send your new combination lock over in as little as one working day.

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