(FB1 FB5 - Padlock)

Suitable for FB1 FB5 padlocks and chains. FB1 FB5 Pipe Key

£1.95 ex vat.

(FB11 - Padlock)

Fire Brigade Pipe Keys suitable for FB11 padlocks

£1.95 ex vat.

(FB14 - Padlock)

Fire Brigade Pipe Keys suitable for FB14 padlocks

£1.95 ex vat.

ASEC (ASECCC - Master Key)
(ASECCC - Master Key)

Restrictions Apply. Asec 50/60mm Master Keyed Padlocks

£5.50 ex vat.

ABUS (AP050 - Master Key)
(AP050 - Master Key)

Restrictions apply.

£7.20 ex vat.

ABUS (AP051 - Master Key)
(AP051 - Master Key)

Restrictions apply

£7.20 ex vat.

ASEC (ASECBB - Master key)
(ASECBB - Master key)

Restrictions Apply. ASEC 40mm Master Keyed Padlocks

£5.50 ex vat.

More on Padlock Keys

When you purchase your padlock they will come with a set of keys however if you require further copies of the key then you will need to purchase additional keys and have it cut to the appropriate code.

Getting an extra set of keys for your padlock is a great way to ensure that your valuables are completely protected. You may want to give spare key to a friend or loved one, or make sure you have one in a safe place in case you lose your master key. Here at fast keys, we have a range of secure padlocks and padlock keys from all of the leading manufacturers.

Types of padlocks

There are several different types of padlock, which essentially vary based on the method used to unlock the shackle. The most common form of padlock is the traditional keyed padlock, which dates back to ancient times. In recent times, combination padlocks, such as those often used to secure bicycles have become popular. Keypad locks, using an electronic keypad entry system are also used in cases where security is of the utmost priority.

In modern keyed padlocks, when you turn the key in the lock, tumblers, disks or cams that are holding the shackle in place are released. Today's padlocks simply require the user to turn a key once, but ancient padlocks were activated by a screwing action which would release a spring, which in turn, freed the shackle.

Parts of a padlock

Although the designs may vary between manufacturers, all padlocks have three basic parts in common.

The shackle - A round or square hasp or chain that secures your goods, in some cases, this is a chain.

Locking mechanism - The innards of the padlock, this is what keeps the shackle in place.

The body - Houses the lock, the appearance of this will vary between manufacturers.

How secure are keyed padlocks?

Most modern padlocks are very difficult to break into. To do so would require access to an advanced, highly-sensitive listening device.

What are padlock keys made from?

Most padlock keys are single bitted and are made from aluminium, brass, iron, nickel-silver, steel or zamack.

Why buy from our online store?

When it comes to the security of your home and your business premises, you want to deal with a company that you know you can trust. At fastkeys, we have many years of experience in dealing with a range of organisations, from banks to schools. All of our padlock keys are cut by state-of-the-art machinery to the manufacturer's exact specifications. Order securely online today, or if you need any further help or advice, why not call one of our friendly team on: 01268 562562.

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