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Railway key, 8mm-9mm female and 6mm-10.5mm male

45 in stock

£5.77 ex vat.

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Emka Double Barb Key with a 3mm Round Internal Diameter

46 in stock

£3.90 ex vat.

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Emka Double Barb Key With a 5mm Round Internal Diameter

61 in stock

£3.90 ex vat.

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Tapered male key suitable for 6mm to 9.5mm.

24 in stock

£4.00 ex vat.

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The T Handle Key is often used for Budget locks found on communal cupboards and doors.

38 in stock

£4.44 ex vat.

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This 8mm Square profile Key is often used for locks found on communal cupboards and doors and and in particular meter boxes.

38 in stock

£3.00 ex vat.

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Emka 7mm square budget key used meter cupboards. Also fits budget type locks used on non secure applications.

83 in stock

£2.50 ex vat.

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More on Utility Keys

If you work outside a great deal or have responsibilities for public places, you will know the great amount of stress which can be caused by the loss of a set of utility keys. utility keys are needed to open service cabinets, drain the radiator, set the taps, and to open communal cupboards and doors.

Here at Fast Keys we understand the importance of having the right key at the right time. We stock a number of keys manufactured by Easyturn and UK Imports. The keys within this range will cater to a wide variety of utility locks. Rest assured that each key is crafted to a high standard, designed for lasting durability and strength.

Fast Keys offers an affordable and speedy replacement key service. Rather than having to spend time and money visiting the locksmiths, simply go online and find your replacement lock. It will save you both time and money, as Fast Keys are almost sure to have the key you need in stock, or will be able to make it. In simply no time at all we will be able to provide you with replacement keys.

Utility maintenance is a vital part of the organisation of any public place or organisation. Keys are required to open communal doors, rooms, toilets and safes. You may also need keys to fit stop cocks, large taps or outside taps. Hence, having the right keys is essential to the smooth running of your organisation. We at Fast Keys understand this importance and will endeavour to cater to your needs.

It’s not only in public work places that keys for utilities are vital. Sometimes keys may even be required for utilities within the home, such as gas, water or electricity cabinets. It may surprise you to know that there are probably at least two utility locks within your house which you may need to work one day. You may not have yet come across them, but at some point you will need to open these locks.

Choosing a replacement key couldn’t be easier. Either browse the selection of keys we have available online, or look at the lock face of the utility lock and identify the code numbers. Give these to Fast Keys and we can do the rest. We use special key-cutting tools to ensure we create perfect keys. Should you be unsure as to specifically which type of key you require, you can email or post a picture of the lock to us and we will endeavour to identify it for you.

Once you receive your key, you can be assured that it will work straight away. You will not need to go to the locksmith and waste valuable time. Simply call Fast Keys and put in your order. If you order before 3pm, we can almost always guarantee that your key will be put in the post on the same day.

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