AS2607 ASEC Padlocks - Keyed - Close shackle
Asec 5 lever close shackle padlock 66mm

4 in stock

£20.99 ex vat.

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96TI/50CS ABUS Padlocks - Keyed - Close shackle
ABUS 96TI/50 50mm Titalium close shackle padlock

£18.95 ex vat.

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AS2604 ASEC Padlocks - Keyed - Close shackle
Asec 6 lever close shackle padlock 66mm

6 in stock

£24.99 ex vat.

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M71 PADLOCK E14CS POP 348E C1 2 KEY MUL-T-LOCK Padlocks - Keyed - Close shackle

£121.93 ex vat.

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POL55CS SQUIRE Padlocks - Keyed - Close shackle
Squire Powerlock POL55CS, 55mm All Weather High Security Padlock, close shackle

£29.50 ex vat.

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SS65CE-CS FAST KEY SERVICES LTD Padlocks - Keyed - Close shackle
Squire stronghold 65mm Euro padlock, close shackle, BODY ONLY.

3 in stock

£83.70 ex vat.

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LPL142C STERLING Padlocks - Keyed - Close shackle
Sterling 45mm Laminated Padlock Close Shackle

6 in stock

£7.50 ex vat.

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More on Padlocks

When it comes to padlocks, it’s also possible to find combination locks – which do not utilize keys at all. Instead, the lock is opened when the user places the right 3 or 4 digit code into the body of the lock by turning the inbuilt wheels. These padlocks are often used on luggage, on laptops, and on lockers and come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. They have also gained popularity due to the lack of a key – which is often seen to be a burden to carry around. External keys can be lost, or can simply be unpractical to carry around.

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