Fast Key Services are the UK’s leading supplier of cam and locker locks

Cam and Locker Locks are some of the most used locks around. They are commonly ordered by businesses and individuals alike who require an upgraded or replacement locking system for their furniture or lockers.

As the UK’s leading key and lock specialists, we stock a huge variety of cam and locker locks. From original cam locks to locking handles, lock cylinders to combination cam lockscombination cam locks we’ve got all of your locking needs covered.

What Is a Cam Lock?

Cam locks tend to be found on office furniture like filing cabinets and lockers. They feature a barrel which is usually 20mm in length and a threaded body so that a nut can be used to fit them onto furniture. When a key is inserted into a cam lock, the cam rotates and locks/unlocks the piece of furniture.

Cam and Locker locks come in many shapes, sizes and specifications. Categories include standard cam locks, coin return locks, mechanical combination locks, digital combination locks (DCL’s) as well as locks that embrace the latest technology such as RFID locks and Bluetooth padlocks

What Is a Cam Lock Used For?

Cam locks are extremely popular and can be found through all walks of life. From windows and doors to lockers and filing cabinets, there are so many applications which you might need a replacement cam lock for. filing cabinet locks are the most popular type of cam lock.

How Do You Open a Cam Lock?

To open a cam lock, simply insert your key into the lock and twist it slightly. This will allow the cam to rotate, opening your piece of furniture as a result.

Where Can I Buy a Locker Lock?

School lockers are constantly changing hands - new kids start and older kids leave. More often than not the older kids take their keys with them, rendering the locker useless for the next user. On our online store, any school bursar, caretaker, parent, teacher or even student can type their required key number into the key search facility and select the key they need for next day delivery.

Order Cam Locks and Locks for Lockers online at Fast Keys

Fast Keys are the UK’s leading key and lock specialists. We stock locks from all the major European locker lock manufacturers including Lowe & Fletcher, Ojmar, Hekna and MLM Lehman as well as many American and Asian imports.

On our website, you will find thousands of locks to choose from with many useful filters to help you narrow down your search. You will find cam and locker locks that cover a myriad of applications for the workplace, sports clubs, leisure facilities, health centres, locker rooms etc.

If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to call us on 01268 562592.

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