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Operating locally in Essex to Wickford, Billericay, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Rayleigh & Basildon. Home & Office Safes, Fast Key Services Ltd are the safe provider for you.

We supply a large range of hotel and office safes starting from compact electronic safes to large key operated devices which are wall mountable and have at least a £1,000 cash insurance rating. All safes are constructed from galvanized steel and have a fire crease for added theft protection. Our safes are affordable and versatile, suitable for use in a wide range of situations including office, business, hotel and residential use.

Fast Keys also stock a wide selection of electronic operated safes, which are ideal when you need to eliminate the need for the use of a key. However, they do come with emergency keys for the event of lost codes or battery failure.

Our safes are capable of 1,000,000 different key code combinations making them secure. Ranging from keypad to touch screen operation and various levels of insurance rating depending on size and security.

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More on Home Safes

A home safe is suitable for storing sensitive documents and valuable items in your home. Protecting its contents in the event of an attempted theft, fire, flood or other damage, a home office safe will keep your most important items out of harms way.

We offer a range of quality home safe products that will protect your confidential documents and valuables.

Strong Box Personal Safe Range

Made from solid steel and finished in black the PS-514 from Strong Box weighs 11kg and measures 9.6 x 13.8 x 9.6 inches (DxWxH). To protect your valuables the electronic lock, steel locking bolts and pry resistant plate steel doors combine to keep unauthorised access at bay. This home safe comes complete with pre-drilled holes so that you can mount it to the floor or a shelf.

The PS-515 is constructed of solid steel and is secured with an electronic lock with 'safety key' override and two live locking bolts made from steel. Weighing 14kg and measuring 16 x 14 x 12.5 inches (HxWxD) this home safe can be secured to the shelf inside a cupboard or wardrobe and protects valuables with its pry-resistant steel door.

The PS-520 allows ample storage and excellent safety for valuables and sensitive documents. Featuring two adjustable shelves for flexible storage this home safe is secured via two live action-locking bolts and an electronic lock that has an alarm, which sounds if an incorrect code is entered. Provided with a back up key for emergency entry the PS-520 is made from solid steel, weighs 22kg and measures 50cm x 35cm x 33 cm (HxWxD).

Original Enforcer Home Safes

The Original Enforcer safe series is available in six different sizes and is a burglar resistant, fire resistant for up to sixty minutes, high security safe for use in the home. These safes really do offer maximum protection as they are locked with a unique UL listed high-security lock with steel locking bolts that lock in four different directions as well as having a trigger activated locking system, so you can be sure that all valuables are kept safe.

The Enforcer 1212 is the smallest model in the series, which weighs 41kg and measures 16 x 16.7 x 18 inches (HxWxD). Made from hardened steel the door is three inches thick and the body is two and a half inches thick. Complete with adjustable shelves so you can organise your valuables inside the exterior is finished in a two-tone charcoal grey and an eye-catching polished chrome handle.

If you need more storage space to keep important documents and items safe from theft and fire then the Enforcer 2216 has a capacity of three cubic feet, weighs 84kg and measures 26 x 20.7 x 21 inches (HxWxD). Finished with steel locking bolts the electronic lock is UL listed and is powered by one 9v battery.

The Enforcer 3515 is the biggest model in the range and can hold up to 4.73 cubic feet of your personal documents and precious items. Weighing 115kg and measuring 39 x 19.8 x 21 inches (HxWxD) the Enforcer 3515 is finished in textures two tone grey steel and can is made from an anti-peel zee bar structure that is enforced with super alloy manganese plating.

Original Resistor Home Safes

The Resistor series by Original Safe and Vault Inc comes in six different sizes and is both burglar and fire resistant and is the top choice by jewelers, so it is the perfect safe if you wish to keep your jewellery protected from theft and fire in the home.

The Resistor 1512 is fitted with an LG basic two high security chrome electronic locking keypad that is accessible by a six-digit pin code. Weighing 142kg and measuring 15 x 12.6 x 12.5 inches (HxWxD) the Resistor 1512 gives jewellery maximum protection from theft or unauthorised access with its world-class security glass relocker and four-way bolt structure. Side bolts are made from one inch thick hardened steel side bolts, and additional bolts are made from chrome, plus steel top and bottom locking bolts: a world class locking system that is not common in home safes.

Protecting your valuables for up to two hours in the event of a fire the Resistor 2414 can withstand heat up to 1850 Degrees. The safe door is made from steel that is four and a half inches thick whilst the body measures a solid two and a half inches. Weighing 257kg and measuring 24 x 14.6 x 15.7 inches (HxWxD) the Resistor 2414 is fitted inside with adjustable shelves with easy slide in shelf clips, options are available for drawers which would allow you to separate and store your jewellery in categories.

The largest model in the series, weighing 513kg and measuring 52 x 16.6 x 16.8 inches (HxWxD, is the Resistor 5216. This home safe's solid anti peel zee bar structure has been strengthened with a mixture of PSI cement and manganese steel plates, making this safe truly burglar resistant. With separate shelves for storing valuables the Resistor 5216 and the whole Resistor series has been innovatively designed and their electronic locking system provides ease of use.

Canon Home Safe Series

Offering protection from both theft and fire the Canon Home and Office Safe Series is available in three different models, all with a high security electronic lock and one inch solid steel locking bolts.

The H4 is made from reinforced 12-gauge steel, weighs 88kg and measures 24 x 20 x 20 inches (HxWxD). Fitted with two shelves for storing your valuables all interior is adjustable and has been finished in upholstery.

Keeping your valuables safe for up to 75 minutes and resisting temperatures of up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit is the Canon H8. This home safe has pre-drilled holes for fixing to the floor, weighs 130kg and measures 34 x 24 x 20 inches (HxWxD).

The largest model in the Canon home safe series is the WS-OOC, unlike the H4 and h8, is made from heavy reinforced 14-gauge steel. Weighing only 15kg and measuring 14 x 14 x 14 inches (HxWxD) this compact box safe is perfect for keeping small items secure from fire and theft.

When picking the perfect home safe you should consider the amount and size of items you wish to protect and where you would like to fit your safe. We have a large range of models and brands to fit these requirements and ensure valuables are kept safe in the home.

More on Office Safes

Most offices are left unattended from six o'clock in the evening during the week and often most of the weekend; therefore it is important that you have a highly secure office safe for keeping confidential data and documents protected from theft and in some cases fire.

We stock a large range of safes suitable for use in the office.

Original Resistor Office Safes

The office Resistor series by Original Safe and Vault Inc is offered in six different sizes as well as being both burglar and fire resistant, which explains why many businesses choose to secure their valuables with this range. The Original Resistor series are effective safes for those looking to keep office documents and valuables safe at all times, secured from thievery and fire.

The Resistor 1512 possesses an LG standard high protection electric powered locking keypad, which is accessible by a six-digit pin code. With a weight of 142kg together with measuring just 15 x 12 .6 x 12 .5 inches (HxWxD) the Resistor 1512 provides businesses the best protective cover from break-ins or unauthorised access. Comprising of a high-class safety glass re-locker and four-way bolt construction, side bolts are manufactured from one-inch thick hardened stainless steel side bolts as well as extra bolts, which come in chrome and steel, made top and bottom safety locking bolts.

Safeguarding all valuable office items, such as confidential business documents, for as long as two hours in the case of a fire, the Resistor 2414 will tolerate heat up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit. The 2414 safe door is manufactured from solid steel, which is four and a half inches dense, while the body measures a decent two and a half inches thick. Weighing just 257kg and measuring 24 x 14 .6 x 15.7 inches (HxWxD) the Resistor 2414 is fitted with adaptable shelving as well as simple slide in shelf clips. Alternatives can be purchased for storage that would enable you to separate and keep important media files and documents in groups.

The biggest model in the Resistor office safe series - the Resistor 5216 - weighs in at 513kg and measures 52 x 16 .6 x 16.8 inches (HxWxD) in size. Perfect for protecting items in the office its anti-peel zee bar construction is reinforced with a combination of PSI cement and manganese steel plates, making the 5216 robber retardant. With standalone shelving for keeping valuable office items, such as CDs and media disks safe, the Resistor 5216 and the entire Resistor office safe series continue to be innovatively constructed along with their electronic digital safety locks, which offer a user friendly set up.

Original Enforcer Office Safes

The Original Enforcer safe series is good to go in six diverse sizes and is a criminal safe that is fire proof for up to sixty minutes and is perfect for keeping office valuables safe. The Original Enforcer series give total cover for secured items as they are bolted with a novel UL listed high-security lock complete with steel locking bolts locking in a four-way framework to make sure that everything inside is kept safe.

The Enforcer 1212 is the most compact model in the collection and weighs 41kg with the measurements 16 x 16.7 x 18 inches (HxWxD). Produced out of solidified steel the door is three inches thick whilst the body has a density of two and a half inches. Finished with flexible shelving so you can organise your business assets inside the Enforcer 1212 is completed in a two-tone charcoal grey and stand out cleaned chrome handle.

Provided that you need more space to keep imperative business records sheltered from robbery and fire then the Enforcer 2216 can hold up to three cubic feet and weighs 84kg with the measurements 26 x 20.7 x 21 inches (HxWxD). Completed with steel bolting the electronic locking system is UL listed and controlled by one 9v electric battery.

The Enforcer 3515 is the largest model in the group and can store up to 4.73 cubic feet of private business archives and valuable items. Weighing 115kg and measuring 39 x 19.8 x 21 inches (HxWxD) the Enforcer 3515 looks great in two tone textured grey steel and is built with a hostile anti-peel zee bar structure that is implemented with super amalgam manganese plating.

Strong Box Safes for the Office

If you require a discreet safe for keeping items safe in the office then the Strong Box safe range is a perfect solution for protecting your business needs.

Produced from strong steel and finished in black the PS-514 from Strong Box has a weight of 11kg and measures 9.6 x 13.8 x 9.6 inches in size (DxWxH). To secure your resources the safe comprises of an electronic locking bolt, steel bolting jolts and an in-penetrable plated steel door that will prevent unauthorised persons from accessing the safe. Perfect for use in small offices the PS-514 comes finished with pre-drilled holes with the goal that you can easily fix it to your surface of choice.

For more storage the PS-515 is built of robust steel and will keep valuable office items secured with its electronic locking system that comes with a 'security key' override in addition to two live bolts, produced from high-quality steel. Weighing 14kg and measuring 16 x 14 x 12.5 inches (HxWxD) the PS-515 could easily be secured to a ledge within a cupboard or shelf in a storage room within the office. As well as placing your office safe in an area that is only accessible by authorised staff, the high quality locking system and features of all Strong Box safes in the range will ensure that important documents, media and valuables are kept safe by their solid structure and pry-resistant steel doors.

The Strong Box PS-520 permits abundant space and magnificent security for both business assets and confidential archives. Emphasizing two movable shelves for adaptable storage and space, the PS-520 is perfect for use in any sized office. In the event of being unable to access the safe via its high-security electronic lock, which is accompanied by two live action-locking bolts, an additional key is provided for emergency entry. The PS-520's strong body is made from solid steel, weighs a total of 22kg and measures 50cm x 35cm x 33 cm (HxWxD).

No matter how much safe storage you require, we have a large range of office safes to suit your needs.

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