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If you’re looking to protect your belongings, then Fast Key Services Ltd are the safe provider for you. We are the UK’s leading security specialists and have a huge selection of keys, locks, safes and much more available online and in-store.

From protecting valuable items such as money and jewellery to confidential documents such as passports and bills, our security safes will give you maximum security no matter what.

Safes Available at Fast Keys

We supply a broad range of safes, starting from compact electronic safes to large key operated devices which are wall mountable and have at least a £1,000 cash insurance rating. All safes are constructed from galvanized steel and have a fire-safe crease for added theft protection.

Our safes are affordable and versatile, suitable for use in a wide range of situations including office, business, hotel and residential use.

We only stock the most trusted brands, including Yale, Asec and Chubb. Read on to discover the specific types of safes we have available.

Floor Safes

For valuable items which require high security, a floor safe provides the perfect solution. Available in an array of sizes and styles, our floor safes can be installed into any house or commercial property, blending in seamlessly with the rest of the floor. Once installed, simply cover with floorboards or a rug to add further security.

Fire Safes

A fire safeis designed to withstand extreme heat, meaning in the unfortunate case of a fire, your valuables will remain safe. Fire safes have different fire ratings, which will vary depending on how long they will last when in a fire. The rating you choose will entirely depend on where the safe is being placed and what you are putting inside it.

Home and Office Safes

No matter how much safe storage you require, our large range of home and office safes will suit your needs.

Our home and office safes are suitable for storing sensitive documents and valuable items. These safes will successfully protect the contents in the event of attempted theft, fire, flood or similar damage.

If you’re worried about the safety of your office in the evenings and on weekends, then our safes will give you the reassurance needed to leave worries at the door. We have electronic locking and key operated office safes which will keep your confidential data and documents protected at all times.

Deposit Safes

Deposit safes are ideal for depositing items of high value such as cash or jewellery. They feature a small letter-box-like ‘chute’ which enables you to feed the valuables through, rather than having to open the whole safe every time.

We have both key operated and electronic locking deposit safe boxes available at Fast Keys, allowing you to have full control over how your valuables are kept secure.

Wall Safes

Similarly to floor safes, wall safes can be installed into your home or commercial building for extra secretive protection. Typically, a wall safes is installed into concrete, making it near-impossible for burglars to remove.

Wall safes are also incredibly discreet and often hard to find. They are usually masked by a mirror or painting to give off the illusion that nothing is inside the wall.

More About Fast Keys Safes

If you don’t wish to use a key safe, then we have a wide selection of electronically operated security safes available. Don’t worry though - they do come with emergency keys in the event of lost codes or battery failure.

Our safes are capable of 1,000,000 different key code combinations, ranging from keypad to touch screen operation. Our safes also have various levels of insurance rating depending on size and security needed.

Where Can I Store a Safe?

The location in which you store your security safe will entirely depend on the type of safe it is. For example, floor safes and wall safes need to be stored in the places they’re designed to be stored.

When it comes to fire safes, it is recommended to store them at a low level and on the inside corner of two exterior walls. This will prevent the safe from getting too hot from rising heat and the exterior walls will provide slightly cooler temperatures.

Lastly, home, office and deposit safes should be stored in tucked-away areas that aren’t visible to passersby.

What Should I Put In My Safe?

It is entirely up to you to decide what items go inside your safe. This is why it’s important to buy the right size, depending on your needs.

With this in mind, safes are typically designed to lock away valuable belongings like cash, expensive jewellery and electronics. They are also suitable for keeping confidential documents safe, whether it be personal documents or important business documents.

Do Thieves Steal Safes?

Thieves will vary rarely steal items which aren’t easy targets, meaning using a safe to store your belongings will help to immediately deter them away. However, if your safe is in plain sight and can be easily accessed, you run the risk of getting it stolen. To prevent this from happening, it is always wise to anchor your safe to the ground or wall so that it can’t be easily removed.

When You Shop With Fast Keys, You’re In Safe Hands

Head to Fast Keys for all your safety needs, and you’ll never have to worry about becoming victim to theft or damage again. All of our safes are made from only the most durable materials and all comply with strict security standards.

Whether you want to order online or visit our range of safes in-store, Fast Keys are on hand to help you every step of the way. We also operate locally in Essex to Wickford, Billericay, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Rayleigh & Basildon.

Give us a call on 01268 562 592 to discuss further.

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