Sentinel wall mounted key safe.

£21.95 ex vat.

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Squire Stronghold Key Safe
Squire Stronghold Key Safe
Squire Stronghold combination Key Safe - Secured by design and Sold Secure Rated

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£54.90 ex vat.

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Supra C500, police approved, digital key safe

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Rottner Smart Box 1
Rottner Smart Box 1
Rottner Smart Box 1 Small Combination Lock Key Cabinet

£32.00 ex vat.

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Rottner Key Box Dial
Rottner Key Box Dial
Rottner Key Box Dial Combination Key Safe

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Rottner X_Key
Rottner X_Key
Rottner X Key Small Mechanical Lock Key Cabinet

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The Squire Key Keep 2 is the ideal outdoor storage solution to keep your keys safe and secure. Set your own access code with the 12 push button re-codable combination...

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More on Key Safes

Key safes can be used for both personal and business use to safely store keys. A key safe is made up of a secure box that can be locked and is reinforced with durable metal for maximum protection. Key safes are particularly useful for storing a small number of keys outside and are great for personal use, including storing rental property keys and spare front door keys, should you lose your main set.

Key safes are generally available with three different locking mechanisms. These are a simple key locking mechanism, an electronic lock that requires a chosen numerical code to be entered, or more advanced locks use a mechanical combination lock to keep keys safe.

With prices starting from as little from £5, a key safe is an investment, which must not be missed.

Key Safes for Domestic and Personal Use

The Sterling Key Rock Case

The Sterling Key Rock Case is perfect for storing a spare front key outside your home as the key safe is cleverly disguised as a rock. Weighing just 0.1kg and measuring 80mm in height, 100mm in width and 70mm in depth, this disguised key safe is a secure and discreet way to store spare keys.

Stor-A-Key Key Safes

If you are looking for a weather resistant key safe then the Stor-A-Key or Locking Stor-A-Key from GE will securely hold one spare key, either with a click lock or mechanical combination system. Made from a magnetic metal plate, these key safes can be attached to the underneath of your car or caravan. The Stor-A-Key measures 50mm in height, 80mm in width and 12mm depth, whilst the Locking Stor-A-Key measures 55mm in height, 83 in width and 20mm depth.

Master Lock Master Select provide a range of key safe products that range in locking mechanism and size, which all come with a ten years manufacturer warranty:

Portable Mini Key Safe

The Master Lock Portable Mini Key Safe has the capacity to hold up to three Yale keys and comes with a ten-year warranty. Measuring 78mm x 43mm x 20mm (HxWxD) and made from weather resistant metal, this key safe is easy to transport with you and its plastic coated steel cable is perfect for locking items such as gates, railing and fences. Keys stored are accessed by the three-wheel combination lock.

Mini Key Safe

The Mini Key Safe by Master Lock is operated by a secure four-wheel mechanical combination lock and has the capacity to hold up to four different sized Yale keys. Measuring 115 x 85 x 34mm (HxWxD) and protected by a durable plastic cover, this key safe is commonly used by cleaners, workmen and care workers. Designed specifically for domestic use, the Mini Key Safe can be easily mounted to the wall and has grown in popularity in the property market, for both inside and outside use.

SlimLine Mini Key Safe

Suitable for storing one key, Master Key's SlimLine Mini Key Safe has been designed for domestic use and has been recommended by social services, charitable organisations and healthcare companies.

In order to access the four wheel changeable combination lock in the night-time, the SlimLine Mini Key Safe comes fitted with an LED light and measures 135 x 55 x 50mm (HxWxD). Complete with a protective sliding cover to keep the lock covered, this key safe is ideal for outdoor use by cleaners, workmen and care workers due to its many functions.

Mini Key Safe Padlock

Those needing to store up to seven keys in one key safe use a Mini Key Safe Padlock. This lock is portable and can be used on anything that requires a padlock mechanism. Secured by a mechanical four-wheel combination lock the Mini Key Safe Padlock measures 105mm in height by 87mm in depth and 34mm width. This versatile key safe is popular for securing small items both internally and externally.

Large Key Safe

If you need to store more keys, then the Large Key Safe from Master Lock can hold a bunch of keys as well as large mortice lock keys. Made from protective plastic, keys are kept safe with a mechanical four-wheel combination lock. Popular in the rental market, the Large Key Safe is the bigger alternative to Master Lock's Mini Key Safe. Measuring 146mm high, 106mm wide and 50mm in depth, the Large Key Safe allows property keys to be kept onsite, whilst keeping the safe from unauthorised access.

Push Button Mini Key Safe

The highest form of protection for your keys, the Push Button Mini Key Safe from Master Lock uses a mechanical twelve push button lock, which requires the combination to be unlocked. Made from a protective weather resistant rubber cover, this key safe measures 132 x 95 x 60mm (HxWxD) and has the capacity to hold up from four to seven Yale sized keys.

Designed specifically for the property market and outdoor use, the Push Button Mini Key Safe is also used by many in the care worker market. For extra key protection the pin code is interchangeable and can include as many or little numbers in the combination as the user chooses.

Phoenix Key Store KS2

The Phoenix Key Store KS2 uses a push button combination lock and a protective waterproof covers to store a bunch of keys. Wall mountable to external walls the KS2 comes with a lifetime warranty and measures 115 x 62 x 58mm (HxWxD).

If you are looking for a smaller lock, then the Phoenix Key Store KS1 measures 100 x 65 x 35mm (HxWxD) and can hold up to three keys and uses a four wheel combination lock. Keys are kept safe by a magnetic hook and this key safe also comes with a lifetime warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

Key Safes for Business Use

Businesses tend to need to store more keys; therefore larger key safes for business are also known as key cabinets, as they have capacity to store up to 140 keys. Those needing to restrict access to a large number of keys commonly use key cabinets. Safes can be easily wall mounted and are accessed via a cylinder key lock and keys can be organised inside on the hooks with stickers, colour coded key tags and a numbered index sheet.

Sterling Key Cabinets

Sterling Key Cabinets are available in a range of sizes and models, ranging from the Value 15, which measures 200 x 160 x 60mm (HxWxD) and can hold up to 15 keys, to the Value 140, which can hold up to 140 keys and measures 370 x 280 x 80mm (HxWxD).

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