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More on Window Keys

It's the little things in life that we take for granted and being able to open a double glazed window within the home is one of them. Therefore, having complete access to a functioning window equipped with a lock not only provides a living area with a sense of security, it also offers control over comfort.

Sometimes key tend to break or get misplaced and this doesn't have to be the end of the world. Replacements are easily available for those who have misplaced, lost, or damaged the key to a window lock. Because a large proportion of window handle locks and keys within the United Kingdom has been mass produced and pre-cut, finding replacements can be essentially an effortless task.

Design Overview

There's a plethora of UPVC window key designs available and each comes with their own unique aspects. The extensive range of cuts, lengths, and sizes of window keys is astounding and they also come formed in a variety of differing materials and finishes. With over ninety varying types and styles of pre-cut and unique window keys available on the market, users are spoilt for choice.

Double Glazed Window Keyss come in all manner of fashions with the most common and popular choice available being the old faithful and standard cylinder key design. These come in a compact key size and provide a useful and adequate service. While, double sided keys are another basic style that is incorporated into many lock designs and resembles the basic cylinder key appearance and function. Bar and tubular style keys are some other types that are available, while these do look more interesting they provide the same essential service for window locks.

Functional Designs

There is a wonderful selection of double glazed UPVC window keys made available with in excess of 30 manufacturers producing stunning designs. Manufacturers range from Basta, Hoppe, Chubb, WMS, Yale, and many more and all specialising in a specific key designs and paired locks.

Due to a wide selection of window locks being manufactured with pre-cut keys it makes locating a replacement an easy affair. Just by correctly identifying the brand or manufacturer of the window lock can enable you to purchase a replacement. Should there be any difficulty in identifying the type and manufacturer of lock and key there are a professionals available who can assist in this process. It can be considerably more cheaper to match up manufacturer for both the lock and the key than hiring the specialist skills of a locksmith to remove and replace the lock.

For all of the domestic UPVC window locks out there that come with pre-cut keys there is a small percentage that are uniquely cut and if the key has been misplaced there is no way to purchase a replacement. For this reason it's best to ensure that there's some spares available in case of loss or breakage of the key.

There are many leading brands out there that all produce exceptional quality of locks and keys for all types of windows. Whether you're looking for a common type and style of window key or one that is more intricate and rarer in design, spares are always a great thing to have around when it comes to locks and keys.

In conclusion

If you have lost a window key, you will be feeling frustrated and wishing to replace it as soon as possible. If you do not wish to have to spend hundreds of pounds on key replacements from a locksmith’s service, then you can enlist the services of Fast Keys to find suitable replacement keys.

It may surprise you to learn that 95% of all window keys are pre-cut in a factory. This means that Fast Keys will almost certainly be able to find you a replacement, quickly and efficiently. There are around 90 types of pre-cut keys in the UK, and here at Fast Keys we stock all the major types, including Avocet, Boulton & Paul, Chubb, Era and many more. Simply browse our website to see the wide range of keys we have available.

Window locks come in all shapes and sizes and require different types of keys. Older style windows may require a little modernisation by having up-to-date locks fitted, whilst most modern windows come complete with adequate locking mechanisms. PVC windows, a common type of window to be found in new build houses, require uPVC locks and keys. Timber windows tend to have window stay locks and keys, whilst hinged casement windows usually have swing locks, which come with a key. The type of key your window lock requires will depend on when your house was built and what kind of locking mechanism is in place.

Keys for windows can be hard to look after, as they tend to be small and easy to damage or lose. Over time the key may also rust due to rain and moisture exposure. Another problem is that the key will often not have a brand or a logo embossed on its face. This can make it hard to know what type of window the key has been made for. If you are unable to locate the manufacturer’s code or brand on the key, you will usually be able to find it on front doors or patio doors as they tend to be fitted with the windows. Should this prove impossible, the helpful and friendly staff at Fast Keys are on hand to assist you in determining what type of key you need.

To obtain replacement keys, simply match up your window lock with the correct key using the handy pictures on our website as a guide. We stock all major key types, so you should be able to find a replacement. If you are unsure as to what type of key you need, simply email us a picture of the window lock and we will take it from there. If you order by 3pm, we can usually arrange to have the key posted the same day. The key will work straight away. With a little help from Fast Keys, your window will soon open and close with no fuss.

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