770KSN-75 K-FORCE Padlocks - Keyed - Container
K-Force 75mm Hardened Steel Blocklock Also knows as an anvil lock or a sliding shackle padlock, This K force padlock is heavy duty making it ideal for commercial u...

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£26.00 ex vat.

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ISEO 809-909R6 ISEO Padlocks - Keyed - Container
ISEO 809-909 90mm Boxer Rectangular Padlock - R6. 6 Pin flat reversible keys. Available Keyed to Differ (with 3 keys per lock), Keyed Alike (2 keys) & Master Keyed (2...

£112.04 ex vat.

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809909 ISEO Padlocks - Keyed - Container
ISEO fully armoured sliding shackle carbonitrided steel lock

£94.04 ex vat.

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98TI/70 Padlocks - Keyed - Container
ABUS 98TI/70 Titalium Block Padlock 70mm

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£35.79 ex vat.

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98TI/90 Padlocks - Keyed - Container
ABUS 98TI/90 Titalium Block Padlock 90mm

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£48.19 ex vat.

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L23939 ABUS Padlocks - Keyed - Container
ABUS 82TI/70 Titalium Block Padlock

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£20.38 ex vat.

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ISEO 804-707 ISEO Padlocks - Keyed - Container
ISEO 804-707 70mm Brass Rect. Padlock - F5. 5 Pin Open Profile. Available Keyed to Differ (supplied with 3 keys per lock), Keyed Alike (2 keys per lock) & Master Keye...

£30.68 ex vat.

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More on Padlocks

As stated above previously, there are also two different locking mechanisms depending on the padlock. These two systems have been appropriately termed “integrated” and “modular”. The former simply and directly engages the shackle with the lock tumblers. Examples of this system are rotating disks – which are usually found in “Scandinavian-style padlocks – and level tumblers. This system is quite old-fashioned, and has given way to the more modern “modular” system. This locking system is the one most similar to most people today. It involves a plug within the lock, that turns and releases itself from the shackles with the use of the right key.

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