Asec Floor Safe
Asec Floor Safe
Asec underfloor safe

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Yale Floor Safe
Yale Floor Safe
Yale underfloor safe

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Floor safes offer maximum security for your cash and valuables from theft and intruders when installed properly. If you require a safe to be hidden away from eye sight then our extensive range of floor safes have been designed for fitting underneath the flooring of your home or office.

Alpha Floor Safe Series

The Alpha floor safe series are made from solid steel and will keep your valuables safe and out of site to robbers and unwelcome guests. Alpha's floor safe deposit models are equipped for ease of use and allow money or valuables to be dropped into the safe through a deposit tube, instead of having to open the solid steel door for access. But don't worry; items cannot be accessed from the deposit tube as they are fitted with anti-fish devices to prevent theft.

The A090UFK by Alpha is fitted with a dust resistant cover that is also water resistant. With a cash rating of £4,000 you can store precious items up to the value of £40,000 and £4,000 in cash. This floor safe has been manufactured to be resistant to theft as the A090UFK is fitted with drill resistant plates and 2 re-lockers that are activated in the event of unauthorised access. Weighing 11kg and measuring 204 x 204 x 204mm (HxWxD) the A090UFK floor safe has a storage capacity of 9 litres.

Secured with a high security key lock that comes with two keys, the A016UFK weighs 16kg and weighs 255 x 255 x 255mm (HxWxD). Supplied with two years parts and labour warranty the A016UFK is finished with an attractive red 2mm thick solid steel body and 22mm thick steel door.

A large floor safe in the Alpha series, the A028UFKD has the capacity to store up to 28 litres and has a cash rating of £4,000 and a valuables rating of £40,000. The A028UFKD measures 305 x 305 x 305mm (HxWxD) and as well as featuring a high-security lock provided with two keys it comes with Alpha's deposit tube feature complete with an anti-fish device. This includes five additional plastic deposit canisters for sending valuables and money down the deposit tube.

Churchill Domestic Floor Safes

Churchill Domestic Floor Safes are available in three models and are all recommended for the storage of up to £4,000 cash and £40,000 worth of valuables. All models are secured via a double bitted VDS Class 1 key lock that comes supplied with two keys.

The D2L comprises of a solid steel 30mm thick chrome plated circular door and comes with an under floor installation manual so you can be sure that your floor safe will be fitted correctly. The D2L weighs 14.5kg and measures 375 x 240 x 240mm (HxWxD).

With a 28 litre storage capacity the D3L weighs 24.5kg and measures 455 x 315 x 315mm (HxWxD). Fitted with a dust proof covers that is water resistant a further waterproof membrane is included to avoid damp entering the floor safe.

The biggest size floor safe in the Domestic series is the D4DL, which measures 455 x 315 x 315mm (HxWxD), weighs 26.5kg and has a storage capacity of 28 litres. In addition to a double bitted VDS Class 1 key lock the D4DL also has a deposit chute and twelve plastic canister for sending down cash and valuables without having to open the safe door.

Burton Watchman Floor Safes

The Watchman floor safe series is available in three models and have a cash rating of £12,000, meaning that they can hold up to £12,000 cash or £120,000 worth of valuables.

The Watchman 9 and Watchman 12 are both secured with a high security double bitted key lock, which can be upgraded to a mechanical dial combination lock should you wish. Both of these safes have a 22mm thick rectangular door that measures 245 x 200mm. These safes have been designed for under floor fitting and to be encased in concrete. The Watchman 9 weighs 25kg and measures 395 x 300 x 250mm (HxWxD) with a 9.5 litre capacity, while the Watchman 12 weighs 28kg and measures 470 x 320 x 320mm (HxWxD) with a 22.5 litre storage capacity.

The Watchman 12 Deposit differs from the Watchman 9 and Watchman 12 series as it is fitted with a deposit chute for dropping down cash and valuables without having to access the floor safe via the door. Fitted with a water resistant dust cover the Watchman 12 Deposit and the rest of the models in the series also have their interiors flock lined to protect valuable items stored inside. The Watchman 12 Deposit weighs 29kg and measures 470 x 320 x 320mm (HxWxD).

Churchill Emerald Floor Safes

Emerald Floor Safes by Churchill is available in two models, the Emerald 2 and Emerald 2 Deposit - one with and one without a deposit chute. If you are looking for a maximum storage and cash value safety, both models have been tested to Euro Grade 3 standards and have been given a cash value of £35,000 and a valuables rating of £350,000.

The Emerald 2 and Emerald 2 deposit both weigh 30kg, have a storage capacity of 25 litres and measure 560 x 300 x 300mm (HxWxD). Made from solid steel the Emerald series are fitted with a concrete reinforced mesh cage, a water resistant dust cover and a water membrane, which prevents damp. A security Mauer double bitted VDS Class 2 key lock supplied with two keys keeps both Emerald models safe.

The Emerald 2 Deposit differs from the standard Emerald 2 as it comes fitted with a lockable deposit tube, with which you can send down cash and valuables without having to open the floor safe door. Twenty-five deposit capsules come provided with the Emerald 2 as well as an under floor installation manual and one year warranty.

With a large range of floor safes that have a variety of cash and valuable ratings, we will be able to provide you with the best floor safe for keeping your money and important items safe from theft.

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