Burg Wachter P Series Finger Scan Locking Safes
Burg Wachters range of P Series safes supplied with a finger scan locking option.

from £166.54 ex vat.

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Burg Wachter HomeSafe H range Safes with electronic locking option

from £291.11 ex vat.

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Burg Wachter HomeSafe H range
Burg Wachter HomeSafe H range Safes with a keyed locking option

from £197.57 ex vat.

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Burg Wachter P Series Electronic Locking Safes
Burg Wachters range of P Series safes supplied with an electronic locking option.

from £101.76 ex vat.

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Burg Wachter P Series Keyed Safes
Burg Wachters range of P Series safes supplied with a keyed locking option.

from £58.85 ex vat.

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Burg Wachter P3ELAP laptop safe, electronic lock

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£139.89 ex vat.

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Yale Electronic Safe, digital keypad, master key override.

£42.95 ex vat.

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More on Home & Office Safes

No one like to think about being burgled, but if someone did gain entry to your home, what would be taken? Most households are very technology orientated these days, each member of the household has a phone each, possibly a tablet, laptop. What about documentation? passports etc ? Spare cash stored in a draw, spare car keys then there are the items that can’t be replaced, such as jewellery with a sentimental value for example. For a burglar, once they have gained access to your property, it’s like an Aladdin’s cave!

This does not have to be the case, just think, if there is a security safeinstalled in the house, all these precious items and important documentation or spare car keys are all locked away in one safe and secure location. The more the intruder looks for the items the longer they are inside the property and the greater the risk is of them inevitably getting caught. The average domestic burglar is an opportunist and by no means a safe cracker, even if they do locate the Safe, which is made even more difficult by using a wall safesor a floor Safe, they still have to spend time trying to open the safe and making more noise and taking more time thus enabling the police to arrive or enough time will pass that the intruder will be spooked and make off into the night empty handed.

What safe should I choose

There are many things to consider when choosing a safe. First of all, it’s a good idea to establish what you are storing to give you an idea of size and style of safe needed. For example, if you are thinking of storing a laptop, you can purchase a Laptop Safe specifically designed for this purpose, or a safe with enough capacity to be able to store such an item. Fixing is also an important consideration. Stand-alone Home & Office Safes can be hidden at the back of a cupboard or wardrobe, or the fixing holes that are usually supplied in the top or bottom of the safe will allow fixing. Wall safes are fitted to a void in the wall and the surrounding gap reinforced with concrete, this is also the same for floor Safes, a hole in a concrete floor will need to be made and reinforced with concrete, or they can be installed under floorboards flush to the joists. Whatever your requirement Fast Key Services Ltd has the right safe for you at a competitive price. We can also offer a local delivery service, so if you need a Safe in Essex and surrounding areas, Canvey Island, Basildon, Wickford, Southend-On-Sea, Rayleigh Eastwood Chelmsford then let us help.

Understanding your Security Safe's Cash Rating

Manufacturers give security safe models their own individual 'cash rating', which is a rating of how secure that model of safe is when fitted to manufacturers’ standards. A cash rating of a safe will determine the total value that the safe is recommended to keep secure.

For example: a security safe with a cash rating of £5,000, can hold up to £5,000 worth of cash. If holding non-cash valuables then the cash rating of the safe is multiplied by ten, allowing you to store up to £50,000 worth of valuables.

With a large range of models and cash ratings to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect security safe to protect your valuables at home and in the office.

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