Guardian S2 Keyed Fire Safes
Guardian S2 range of Fire safes that feature a Keyed locking option.

from £167.00 ex vat.

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Burg Wachter Combi Line Electronic Fire Safes
Burg Wachter Combi Line range of Fire Safes with Electronic Locking Option

from £304.20 ex vat.

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Burg Wachter Combi Line Keyed Safes
Burg Wachter Combi Line range of Fire Safes with keyed Locking Option

from £250.91 ex vat.

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Chubbsafe Dataplus+ Fire Safes
Chubbsafes range of Dataplus+ Series safes supplied with single key lock fitted as standard.

from £3,706.00 ex vat.

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Guardian S2 Electronic Locking Fire Safes
Guardian S2 range of Fire safes that feature an electronic locking option.

from £265.00 ex vat.

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More on Fire Safes

You never know when an accident may happen, which could leave you without your most valuable possessions to hand. For example, if you had a fire at your business or home or were victim to a theft, personal documents and confidential paperwork could be lost. In order to safeguard your important business or personal possessions a security safe is an investment that you can't afford to ignore.

Chubbsafes Dataplus+ Series Safes

Dataplus+ safes from Chubbsafes are manufactured from thick steel to ensure maximum protection for your valuables. The Chubbsafes Dataplus range of safes feature an easy slam action emergency closing in the event of fire. With a generous capacity, Chubbsafes have been designed so that you get the most for your money. High quality media protection makes this an ideal solution for an IT department looking to secure back up media. The Dataplus safes have a two-hour data protected label that means they are tested to the highest international standards, UL 72 and EN1047-1. EN Norm is certified by EC BS in class S 120 DIS for fire resistance. These safes are fitted with a key lock as standard but these can be changed to one of a range of electronic locks that are available upon request

If you prefer an electronic combination lock, then the Burg Wachter Combi Line range of safes are also available from Fast Key Services Ltd. The electronic combination lock has a Vd5 certification, the insurance rating is £4,000 cash rating and a £40,000 jewellery rating and all safes within this range are AIS Insurance approved. Another main selling point for this range of safes is the fact that they have three security standards in one safe ECB.S Grade S2 (EN 14450), VDMA Security Level B (VDMA 24992) and VdS certified fingerscan (EN 1300 class1). Fire protection certified to 30 minutes for paper to LFS 30P & DIN 4102 fire resistance certification, the composite insulation in front of door provides enhanced fire protection for lock and bolts. These German engineered safes are double wall constructed with 25mm strong round bolts and hidden internal hinge. All available with electronic locking option and in three different sizes.

If you need a security safe to store confidential information, that is AIS approved and features an EN1300 double bitted key lock then the Guardian S2 range are small to medium size safe but are still perfect for home installation and particularly ideal for jewellery or larger items that need the upmost security. This safe comes with all the accreditations you would expect from the Guardian S2 range and is independently tested and certified in the UK by LPCB. This safe is also an AIS approved safe and has been tested by SOLD SECURE and achieved the silver standard. Guardian S2 (Eurolite) LPCB REF: 954a/01. Guardian S2 range of safes provide 30 minutes fire protection, Cash Rating of £4,000 and a jewellery rating of £40,000 and are constructed of lightweight material for home installation or upper floor delivery. EN1300 Locking, EN1143 certified.

Understanding your Security Safe's Cash Rating

Manufacturers give security safe models their own individual 'cash rating', which is a rating of how secure that model of safe is when fitted to manufacturers’ standards. A cash rating of a safe will determine the total value that the safe is recommended to keep secure.

For example: a security safe with a cash rating of £5,000, can hold up to £5,000 worth of cash. If holding non-cash valuables then the cash rating of the safe is multiplied by ten, allowing you to store up to £50,000 worth of valuables.

With a large range of models and cash ratings to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect security safe to protect your valuables at home and in the office.

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