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Looking for a new or replacement cylinder lock? Look no further than Fast Keys. We have a huge range of euro and oval cylinder locks for both commercial and domestic use.

What Are Oval and Euro Cylinder Locks?

Euro and Oval locking cylinders are key-operated locks. Euro refers to the Euro Shaped profile of the hole that the locks fit into whereas Oval, as the name suggests, has an Oval shaped profile.

There are many different types of cylinders for different applications: Double Cylinders have a lock on both sides of the door. Single Cylinders (sometimes referred to as half-cylinders) have a lock on one side only. key and turn cylindershave a lock on one side of the door and a handle or knob on the other side.

How Do You Use a Cylinder Lock?

Cylinder locks are incredibly easy to use, which explains why they’re the go-to locking mechanism indoors. When the key is turned to the locked position, it engages a lock cammechanism that locks/unlocks the door.

What Is a Cylinder Lock Used For?

Euro and Oval Cylinder Locks are fitted to doors to add security while still creating easy access for those with a key. You are likely to find cylinder locks on UPVC doors in domesticenvironments and office doors in commercialenvironments.

How Do You Fix a Euro Cylinder or Oval Lock?

Oval and Euro Cylinder Locks are easy to fit or replace as they just have one fixing screw located on the inside frame of the door. To change the locks, you need to remove the fixing screw and use an existing key to rotate the fixing cam until it is aligned with the cylinders. From here, it is just a question of pulling the lock through the hole.

This fixing procedure may sound simple, but it requires expertise to get right. This is why it’s worth heading to a trusted key and locks supplier, like us here at Fast Keys. We have a huge range of Euro and Oval Cylinder Locksavailable to purchase both online and instore. This includes Euro Profile Cylinder Locks, RFID Locks, Scandinavian Oval Locks and much more.

What Size Cylinder Lock Do I Need?

Both cylinder and oval locks stay true to their name, meaning you can quickly identify the type of lock you need by looking at the shape of what you currently own. The important dimensions to bear in mind when ordering a cylinder lock, however, is the width. This is usually measured in millimeters and is important to measure; otherwise, you might end up with a cylinder lock too big or too small.

Order Replacement Cylinder Locks at Fast Keys

With over 25 years of experience, we are the UK’s leading keys and locks specialists. We can provide both online and instore assistance to all your key and locks needs - and oval and euro cylinder locks are no exception!

Our Euro and Cylinder locks usually come with two keys which are engraved with a unique number. If you require extra keys, we can cut them according to that number. And, as they are cut on specialist electronic machines, they are effectively as accurate as an original key. This means you get perfect keys every time as opposed to keys copied on manual machines.

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