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Padlocks are used globally for a wide variety of purposes, from keeping gates locked to securing bikes in public. Our padlock range features over 100 different types of security padlocks - all ideal for different situations.

Types of Padlocks at Fast Keys

Whether you need a combination lock or long shackle padlocks, fire brigade padlock or a padlock and chain; you’ve come to the right locks specialists.

The majority of padlocks at Fast Keys are made up of three components: the body, the shackle and the locking mechanism. Typically, these padlocks have a solid U-shaped metal loop that secures the object being locked, to the body of the padlock.

Whilst most conventional padlocks are operated with a key, there are many other locking mechanisms available at Fast Keys, including combination padlocks and padlocks that use the latest technology (RFID and Bluetooth Padlocks). Whatever your security needs, we will have padlocks to suit.

Are Padlocks Waterproof?

Padlocks are typically used outdoors, meaning if they aren’t made out of durable materials, they’ll begin to corrode in bad weather. While most padlocks aren’t labelled as ‘waterproof’, it is quite easy to establish which ones will stand the test of time. If a padlock is made from durable materials like brass, stainless steel or titanium, you can rest assured that the padlock will be fine outside.

What Are Padlocks Used For?

There are hundreds of uses for padlocks, with more people finding more reasons to use them every single day. Most commonly, however, security padlocks are used to keep gates secure or to lock bikes to stable objects. As well as this, padlocks can be used as an added security measure for doors, hasp and staples, cash boxes and much more.

Buy Padlocks Online or In Our Store

Browse our range of padlocks today to find the replacement you need. Alternatively, you can use our search bar to find the exact model you are looking for.

We are the UK’s leading keys and locks specialists and have been providing effective security solutions for domestic and commercial use for over 25 years. Give us a call on 01268 562592 if you would like more information regarding our security padlocks.

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