100TA-299TA HAFELE Rim Locks - Square
Symphony cupboard lock

89 in stock

£9.06 ex vat.

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TYPE 660 MLM LEHMANN Rim Locks - Square
MLM adjustable cupboard lock

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£14.00 ex vat.

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CYBERLOCK 94124 TRIUMPH Rim Locks - Square
Indiv locking ped lock

37 in stock

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230.01.701 HAFELE Rim Locks - Square
HAFELE RIM LOCK 230.01.701

£72.23 ex vat.

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MIC850 SISO Rim Locks - Square
Siso square rim lock, Drawer, J12 Master

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MIC850 SISO Rim Locks - Square
Siso square rim lock, R/H, cupboard, Nickel plated J11 Master

8 in stock

£6.00 ex vat.

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MIC850 SISO Rim Locks - Square
Siso square rim lock, R/H, cupboard, Nickel plated J12 Master

8 in stock

£6.00 ex vat.

Buy 6 or more at £5.10 each

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More on Rim Locks

Homes and offices spanning the country are always on the lookouts for ways and means to boost safety and security. The ideal solution is of course one that offers a great deal of both without attaching a massive price tag, or ideally any lengthy and difficult involvement in its fitting. This is precisely why rim locks represent by far the very best of all worlds, for both homes and workplaces looking to bolster security.

First Line of Defence:

It would be wholly accurate to say that the locks fitted to external doors represent the first line of defence between the contents or occupants of the property and the elements of the outside world. Nevertheless, locks are often overlooked to an enormous extent in favour of high-tech surveillance and intruder-alert systems, which of course only come into place once an unauthorised entry has occurred.

Surely common sense would dictate that the ideal solution would be to concentrate on preventing their entry in the first place, thus heading off the problem at the first pass?

This is exactly where rim locks come into the equation as while external doors may already be protected by way of standard internal locks and deadbolts, it really couldn’t be easier to add one or more rim locks to take things ever further.

Rim Locks for Homes:

Rim locks make the ideal choices for home security and can be used with ease on both internal and external doors as wished. Common uses of rim locks around the home include the securing of basement doors, the locking of cupboards with dangerous or sensitive contents, the securing of medicine cabinets and even the locking of standard internal bedroom doors. They also make ideal choices for those looking to increase the security of their external building with ease and for little cost, as rim locks can be used on sheds, garages, external storage units and all manner of outhouses.

What makes the rim lock the perfect choice for home use is the way in which they are designed to be fitted to the service of any given door or access panel, rather than its interior. This not only means that security can be increased two-fold, but also that there are no complications to factor in by way of size, shape, whether it will fit and whether the existing internal lock can be removed. Rim locks/ cupboard locks are largely 100% compatible with all standard doors and frames across the board, demanding not more than a few standard screws for mounting.

It also tends to be extremely cheap to obtain duplicate keys for most rim locks, which is ideal if looking to distribute to several to family members. Both left and right handed versions of most locks are available, while others can be mounted either internally or externally depending on the desires of the property owner.

Rim Locks for Offices:

Thousands of businesses may have turned to more high-tech security methods, but for most there is still nothing quite as safe, secure and simple as the rim lock/cupboard locks. Offices are by their very nature exploding with sensitive areas, dangerous items and generally off-limits rooms and corridors, which must by one means or another be closed off to all other than those authorised to access them. The options are pretty much endless, but when it comes to solutions that are easy to implement and maintain, rim locks always top the table.

As with rim locks for home use, the primary appeal for the business world is the way in which they take little to no time or effort to fit, though add massive additional security. High-quality variants are almost impossible to compromise without extreme force, while carry the kinds of price-tags low enough for any business to invest in as many as needed with ease.

Their versatility by way of internal and external mounting makes them the ideal locks of choice for internal doors, cupboard, filing cabinets, utility rooms, basements, attics and all manner of external buildings and storage units. And again, it is possible to obtain as few or as many keys as desired to grant access to authorised personnel and none other.

There is also the hugely useful way in which rim locks do not necessarily demand the door to be of a certain thickness in order to be used, as is the case with internal locks. The fact that they are surface-mounted allows them to be used pretty much anywhere around the office – even on thin metal sheeting if required.

What all of the above adds up to is a way in which a business can not only bolster security, but also save considerable sums of money on potential loss, theft and in some cases even insurance. Generally speaking, the more secure a premises is, the lower the insurance premiums that have to be paid on it.

Quality Counts

What must be considered when sourcing rim locks however is the way in which the quality of the item itself and the supplier behind it will be directly reflected in the security and practicality it offers. There is simply no benefit to be had from installing a series of new rim locks if their quality and integrity is so low that the slightest yank on the door will see them falling to pieces in seconds.

This is especially important to bear in mind when looking to fit rim locks on sheds or external buildings – anywhere that is likely to be exposed to the elements. It can take no more than a mild downpour here and there to see lesser-quality rim locks become rusted, seized and generally rotted through – of little to no use to anyone. The advice is therefore to only ever source locks of any type for any purpose from a fully established and accredited retailer that specialises in cupboard locks and security as a primary function. It may seem as though the locks themselves are simple and basic gadgets, but the role they play really couldn’t be much more significant.

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