5PNL40B TSS Nightlatch
5PNL40B Modern Deadlocking Nightlatch 40mm Brass Finish

£21.90 ex vat.

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5PTR60 TSS Nightlatch
5PTR60 Traditional Nightlatch Brass Finish

£17.55 ex vat.

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NL3060-PC ASEC Nightlatch
York 60mm Night Latch and Cylinder Polished Chrome

Nil Stock

£21.30 ex vat.

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Zoo ZURNL64SS UK oval nightlatch escape lock, 64mm, satin finish.

£10.53 ex vat.

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ZOO ZURNL76SS UK Oval nightlatch escape lock, 76mm, satin finish.

£22.95 ex vat.

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1930-31-B ERA Nightlatch
ERA 60mm high security British standard nightlatch brass finish

2 in stock

£54.09 ex vat.

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ERA 1730-37-1 ERA Nightlatch
Era British Standard Night Latch polished chrome

3 in stock

£50.49 ex vat.

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More on Night Latches

Mortice night latches work to lock the door instantly after it has been closed, completely eliminating the need for the use of keys when leaving the door behind – inside or outside of the house. They work to heighten security levels of the door of a home or business and generally create a safer and more stable environment. It should be noted that when opening the door to get into the house, a key does need to be used. If a key was not required from the outside, the house would instantly be void of any security. Night latches are used with what is known as a rim cylinder (which works to turn the night latch). The latch is placed on the inside of the door before it can be utilized and fully taken advantage of.

There are a large number of latches generally available to homeowners who wish to rapidly improve the level of security in their home or business. A popular type of latch is the Enfield cylinder-operated Mortice night latch -- a simple, British design which has maintained the traditional approach to night latches. Whether homeowners are looking to use the British oval cylinders or the European profile, both are acceptable with the Enfield. This is an easy-to-use, typical and unproblematic design with standard dimensions. This latch has automatic deadlocking and a stainless steel, fully-resistant case finish for practicality and pleasure.

Another safe bet is the Union L2341 Mortice. This is an oval profile door latch that allows for easy access from the front of the door in question -- with use of a key. An interesting feature attached to this Union Mortice is that it can be expanded, allowing the addition of an oval profile turn to be found internally of the door. It is also possible to add a lever handle to the inside of the door, thanks to the 8 mm follower attached to the lock. There is also a snib that can be found on the latch, which allows for it to be held back effectively. The case of the latch is finished with enamelled silver for a suave, unimposing look.

One of the most common latches on the market is the Union 2332 Mortice c/w Cylinder and Turn. It is possible to purchase this latch as a full kit, complete with an oval half cylinder situated on the outside and a turn found inside. Like the Union mentioned above, this latch also comes with a snib, allowing the latch to be held. By using the double cylinder mechanism, this latch also makes it possible for homeowners and businesspeople to use a key on both sides of the door. The mechanism of this latch is European oval profile, the case finish is enamelled silver and the there is a choice of either brass or satin chrome for forend finish.

For high security situations, the Chubb 3R35 Deadlocking Latch is undoubtedly the safest option. This latch is known to be used most in situations and locations of high traffic, where high levels of security are most needed and much-wanted. This latch opens with use of a key from the outer side of the door, while a handle is utilized from the inside. A key can also be used from the inside, by securing the handle. If required, as with the Unions latches, there is a snib when the time calls to hold the latch back. There is also a deadlocking snib that is called into action when the door is closed – by depressing and locking the main latch. This device can also be transformed into a fire escape lock by removing the lock on the handle. The case finish of the Chubb is plain, classy silver.

The Union C-Series 3R35 Detainer Deadlocking Latch is most suitable where slamming the door in question is required. The unique detainer style lock give the homeowner a much higher amount of key combinations in comparison to a standard lever lock. In addition to this, the door is automatically secured by the deadlocking feature on the latch. This works with the standard snib on the forend to maximise security measures. Either handle on either side of the door can be secured. The case is finished with a silver powder coat, while the forend finish comes with a choice of either stainless steel or brass.

There is the Union L2370 Night Latch (2D2 Series) for ultimate user flexibility. This latch gives the user a chance to implement the standard United Kingdom-style oval profile cylinder or the European profile cylinder – the choice is there to be made depending on the situation. This latch allows the use of a thumb turn on the inner side of the door, allowing exiting the door in question without the use of a key. Of course and as always, the outside will require the use of a key. There is also the addition of an automatic deadlocking feature which secures the door instantly when the door is closed, as the deadlocking snib gets depressed. The case finish of this latch device is enamelled gold, while the forend finish is satin chrome. The latch can also optionally be opened by key from either side of the door.

Night latches come in a range of different shapes and sizes depending entirely on the needs and requirements of the user. There are a set number of standard measurements that each latch can be purchased with. The majority of latches are available in what are termed as “Narrow” which is 40 mm and “Standard” which is 60 mm. Most latches are sold as standard security locks. The measurement (either 40 mm or 60 mm) is defined by the space from the edge of the said door, to the bottom of the space that the cylinder fits into. This is generally quite an important piece of information to know if purchase of the latch is being made as a replacement. The above space should be measured before order is made.

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