TYPE 759 25MM BACKSET MLM LEHMANN Espagnolette Locks
MLM Espagnolette with Knob handle 25mm Backset. R/H hinged door

16 in stock

£24.68 ex vat.

Buy 6 or more at £20.98 each

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7968.001NI & 5064.A001NI OJMAR Espagnolette Locks
OJMAR Espagnolette lock set, 15mm backset & handle, nickle finish

Nil Stock

£18.00 ex vat.

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7968.001NI OJMAR Espagnolette Locks
OJMAR Espagnolette lock, 15mm backset, nickle finish

7 in stock

£9.15 ex vat.

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32800-1/R/3 RONIS FRANCE Espagnolette Locks
Ronis 32800-01 espagnolette cupboard lock

106 in stock

£12.50 ex vat.

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LOCK 924 SISO Espagnolette Locks
Siso espagnolette Lock and knob set, 15mm backset for right & left hand hinged door

46 in stock

£14.00 ex vat.

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TYPE 700 147072158 MLM LEHMANN Espagnolette Locks
MLM espagnolette 18mm Diameter Cylinder with 15mm backset

110 in stock

£14.00 ex vat.

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TYPE 700 147072258 MLM LEHMANN Espagnolette Locks
MLM espagnolette 25mm backset

11 in stock

£14.00 ex vat.

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Espagnolette Locks

Even those that don’t know espagnolette locks by name will probably know them by function – not to mention will also probably have several installed around their homes and offices already. The espagnolette lock is the official term for the kind of lock that has something of a centrally-positioned handle or knob, which when turned operates long bolts that connect with the frame at the top, the bottom, adjacent to the handle or any combination of the three. They are sometimes mounted on the exterior of a door or window, though more often than not do their work behind the scenes.

Modern windows for example will often come with these types of locks built in, while an old-fashioned wooden window-shutter on the other hand will probably use the external type. They are also commonly used around office workspaces for the securing of cupboards and cabinets – generally in areas where light security is needed. However, something that has to be kept in mind by those looking to take care of their own security and that of their home is the way in which espagnolette have a tendency in some instances to be among the most easy to compromise of all, if purchased from a less-than market-leading supplier.

This is particularly the case when it comes to surface mounted espagnolette locks such as those attached to patio doors or shutters, which are comprised of long rods and sensitive parts held to the door with nothing more than a few screws. In the worst instances, these can be beaten with nothing more than a strong yank or push, therefore it is vital to know that all espagnolette locks are sourced from a trustworthy provider.

At the top end of the market however, espagnolette locks can be some of the safest of all thanks to the way in which they naturally offer at least two or three locking points. High-quality espagnolette locks fitted to the interior of doors or windows have the potential to form near-impenetrable seals the likes of which cannot be picked from the outside. They are also among the easiest to operate for those authorised to do so, requiring nothing more than the turn of a handle.

A good way of increasing the security of existing internal espagnolette locks is to consider backing them up with an additional rim lock – or several if desired. The two can be used together in perfect harmony, with the latter being used to add further security and locking points in any areas of the door/frame not already secured by the espagnolette lock.

The best advice from security professionals is to periodically – or at least once – take a look around the home and/or the office and genuinely assess how secure or otherwise the doors and windows are. With product ranges so extensive and costs so low, there really is no need to continue overlooking the kinds of minor tweaks and repairs that could see the whole place take on a whole new level of security and protection.

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