18900-01 RONIS FRANCE Multi-point Locks
Ronis 18900 Multi-Point cupboard Lock

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18900-01003 RONIS FRANCE Multi-point Locks
Ronis 18900 Special offer Multi-point cupboard PM01 Master

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5888 LOWE AND FLETCHER Multi-point Locks
Lowe and Fletcher L&F 5888 multi-point lock cupboard

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Lowe and Fletcher 5688 Multi-Point Lock
Lowe and Fletcher L&F 5688 Multi-Point Lock

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3A-9Z SERIES HUWIL Multi-point Locks
Huwil Espagnolette Sliding Bar Lock

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FB01.0100 KNOLL Multi-point Locks
Knoll desk lock

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TYPE 292 142972005 MLM LEHMANN Multi-point Locks
MLM Cylinder Shooting bar lock - Right Hand hinged door 18mm diameter - Z23 Cylinder

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More on Multi point locks

Selecting a locking system for the home can be a difficult decision. Multi-point locks are ideal for optimising security and acting as a deterrent against burglars. Commonly they are fitted on PVC doors, as the traditional locking systems used on wooden doors are unsuitable for these frames. A multi-point lock comprises of a central locking mechanism paired with additional hooks and rollers. Up to 6 can be used in a single door frame.

Multi-point locks are designed to ensure security and a tight weather seal. They are commonly used with French doors, as these have reduced stability and multi point locks are able to fasten them securely in place, preventing any warping of the frame.

Benefits of multi-point locks

- Can be locked in a secure position with an air vent left open. This feature would be particularly useful during the summertime, especially in the evenings as it could offer coolness and comfort without compromising on security.

- Visually multi-point locks will not compromise the appearance of your home, they are designed discretely so they can blend in with traditional features. While some locking mechanisms are seen as too industrial for the home, multi-point locks offer a secure and discrete solution.

- Multi-point locks offer a strong seal against the elements so your home will remain dry even during heavy rain.

- They are ideal for ensuring child safety as with multiple locks doors are too complex for young children and are also out of reach.

- Multi-point locks are ideal for taller 8-10 foot doors which cannot be adequately be secured by standard locks.

- Multi-point locks are available in a variety of materials including brass, nickle and bronze, ensuring they are able to match the appearance of many kinds of home and fit in with existing design features.

- The security benefits from a multi-point locking system offer increased peace of mind for homeowners, particularly if they have suffered from a break in previously.

Locks online offer a wide range of products that enable the quick and safe installation of a multi-point locking system. Usually 3 or 4 locks are used to maintain a tight seal, although up to 6 can be used on exceptionally tall doors.

A UPVC Door Center Case Lock is used to bolt the frame in several places with UPVC Door Locks being used in the door frame itself.

UPVC Additional Security features are also available for purchase. These features include sash jammers and stoppers. The police service has recommended the use of these devices as a useful crime deterrent.

Lining up three or more bolts during the installation of multi-point locks can prove to be tricky, although the benefits of this system far outweigh any initial inconvenience. For a fee locksmiths can assist homeowners with installation if they are having difficulties.

For anyone who is unsure whether multi-point locks are the right option, Locks Online are available to speak tom they can offer you valuable advice and answer any questions you may have.

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