Desk Locks & Drawer Locks

The most commonly used lock for desks are pedestal locks which have a rotating peg mechanism. The peg or actuator cam to give it it's technical term, lifts and lowers the locking bar, which in turn locks and unlocks the set of pedestal drawers. they come in a range of types including single flanged, double flanged, snap in fix and horseshoe clip. Depending on the build of the furniture you can either have a horizontal or vertical orientation of the lock. This is an important detail when ordering replacement locks to ensure that the actuator cam is correctly positioned to activate the locking bar. The locking bar is built into the frame and runs the vertical length of the furniture.

Some pedestal locks have an anti-tilt function meaning that the peg of the lock is design to resist entry more so than non anti-tilt versions, the anti-tilt is more commonly found in newer versions of this lock.


Key Extractor Sets

Key extractor sets are designed and used for the purpose of removing broken keys from locks. These useful tools can potentially save on the expense of a Locksmith and on the cost of replacement locks.

Fast Key Service stocks the Peterson 3 piece key extractor set made from high quality steel which come packed in a handy plastic tube. The blue plastic handles have hands on, wet or dry holding power. They also offer excellent gripping power and have the ability to get to the top of broken keys. The kit includes the popular saw-tooth extractor. Due to the quality of the steel and the manufacturing, they are long lasting and hard wearing unlike some cheap and inferior products on the market.


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